QEMU startup scripts for running Whonix as a user
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Run Whonix without root

These helper scripts will run Whonix Gateway and Workstation without needing root access, libvirt, or bridge support. It uses qemu user networking and a socket to communicate between the Workstation VM and the Gateway VM.

Download the KVM release of Whonix from here, verify the images and extract them.

First start the gateway::

run-gateway ./Whonix-Gateway-*qcow2

By default it uses 256M and runs in text mode. You can change this by setting MEM first. It also defaults to 2 CPUs, this can be changed by setting SMP when running it::

MEM=1024 SMP=1 run-gateway ./Whonix-Gateway-*qcow2

Then run the Workstation, MEM and SMP also work here. It defaults to 2048M of RAM and 2 CPUs.

run-workstation ./Whonix-Workstation-*qcow2

Communication between the VMs uses socket 7001 on localhost, and the traffic is not encrypted, so anyone one the local system who manages to gain enough privileges to monitor localhost could examine the traffic.