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This package aims to be a python interface to the Canada Post Developer Program REST API (via HTTP Post requests with XML data)

It's a W.I.P. and any and all contributions are welcome.


Example usage

from canada_post import api, DEV, PROD
from canada_post.util.parcel import Parcel
from canada_post.util.address import Origin, Destination
cpa = api.CanadaPostAPI(customer_number, api_username, api_password,
                        contract_number, dev=DEV if DEBUG else PROD)
parcel = Parcel(weight=2, length=100, width=60, height=30)
origin = Origin(province=myprovince, address=myaddress, phone=myphone,
                        city=mycity,  postal_code=myposcode, company=company_name)
dest =  Destination(country_code=dest_code, postal_code=dest_pc, province=dest_prov,
                            city=dest_city, address=dest_address)
services = cpa.get_rates(parcel, origin, dest)
# this returns a list of Service objects, with a bunch of data, say you select the one you want
#  from the list somehow
service = select_service(services)
# group_name is a string, it creates a shipment group, the whole group gets sent together,
#  so if you need to send a bunch of parcels together, pass the same string as the group param
shipment = cpa.create_shipment(parcel, origin, dest, service, group_name)
print, shipment.status, shipment.tracking_pin
print shipment.links['label']

Plese notice that the API is less than stable yet (for example, the create_shipment interface that's been implemented is just for the Contract Shipment service, so it should probably be under a sublayer something like cpa.contract.create_shipment).

The links object is a dict of

rel -> { 'href':...,

(it could be different depending on the rel, see the response part of for details). A better solution for this might be created in the near future, I'll try to be very clear about any changes.


  • 0.0.3-2: Changed name from create_shipping to create_shipment
  • 0.0.4: created void_shipment service for contract shipping
  • 0.0.4-1: bugfixes: error on super() call, and change VoidOrder's request method to DELETE