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@bclindner bclindner released this Nov 26, 2019

The first version of the new, improved, and re-written Ivory! Changes:

  • Moderation API support - no more Selenium hacking; just plug in an access token!
  • Pending user handling - automatically weed out pending users with the same rule system as the reports!
  • New rules!
    • bio_content - weed out link-in-bio spammers! Only works on reports.
    • stopforumspam - use the API to check incoming user emails/IPs for spam probability! Only works on pending accounts.
  • New JSON configuration file - a bit more verbose, but people were complaining about YAML.
  • Better configuration validation and error handling - Ivory should let you know when you've misconfigured it much more consistently now.
  • Improved logging - Ivory now uses the logging package, which outputs much richer and more flexible logs.
  • Docker support - Ivory now ships with a simple Dockerfile!

Check out the Getting Started guide for the new version, and don't hesitate to message me on Mastodon if you have any questions.

Note: this new version of Ivory requires Mastodon version 2.9.1 or above so that it can use the Moderation API.

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