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DEPRECATED: Spring Boot Web Reactive Starter
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Spring Boot Web Reactive Starter

This experimental project has been merged in Spring Boot 2.0 with the new spring-boot-starter-webflux.

Please refer to the Web Reactive support in Spring Framework 5.0 and the Spring Boot 2.0 reference documentation.


Go to, set the Spring Boot version to 2.0.0(SNAPSHOT) and add the "Reactive Web" starter.

From there you can take a look at the WebFlux sample apps in the spring boot repository.


How should I migrate my existing app to the official starter?

  • Remove the spring-boot-dependencies-web-reactive BOM import
  • Replace the "org.springframework.boot.experimental:spring-boot-starter-web-reactive" dependency with "org.springframework.boot:spring-boot-starter-webflux"
  • Rebuild your project!

I've found an issue, I have a question - where should I report it?

Is Spring Boot required to run Spring Web Reactive?

It certainly makes things easier, but it's not mandatory. For manual bootstrapping, please [read the reference documentation] (