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  • Principia College
  • Computer Networking
  • Spring 2018
  • Group 3 - Github Repo


  • Jonathan Ansumana
  • Bjorn Mathisen
  • Lee Tarnow

Project Requirements

  • yMySQL library
  • PyJWT library - Documentation
  • SQL server (hosted on AWS)

You can install these dependencies in the commandline window by typing in:

pip install PyMySQL
pip install PyJWT

Installation Instructions

  • Copy the and extract all the contents to your desired folder.
  • To start the server, simply run in a command line console (configured to run locally, both are required).
  • To start the client, simply run the in a command console or double click the file assuming python 3.5< is installed. After that a GUI login interface will popup, simply log in with the supplied account or create your own.
username: username
password: username
username: wef
password: wef

Usage and Commands

Once you have registered an account go ahead and log in. A new window should appear, on the left is the window where all the current chats are displayed. On your right is a window with the current logged in users.

To send a message simply type it in the box in the bottom of the screen and hit enter. Your message will now be broadcasted to all currently online users.

To send a private message: /private <username> <message> or /message <username> <message>.

Usage and Commands

The server will start automatically once you start the script. No additional arguments are required.

To stop the server, either exit out of the console window by hitting the X button or by using CTRL+C

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