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Copyright (C) 2010-2011 celeron55, Perttu Ahola <>
This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
(at your option) any later version.
This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
GNU General Public License for more details.
You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along
with this program; if not, write to the Free Software Foundation, Inc.,
51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301 USA.
#include "common_irrlicht.h"
#include "inventory.h"
#include "mesh.h"
#include "tile.h"
#include "utility.h"
#include <ICameraSceneNode.h>
#include <IMeshCache.h>
#include <IAnimatedMesh.h>
class LocalPlayer;
struct MapDrawControl;
class ExtrudedSpriteSceneNode;
class IGameDef;
Client camera class, manages the player and camera scene nodes, the viewing distance
and performs view bobbing etc. It also displays the wielded tool in front of the
first-person camera.
class Camera
Camera(scene::ISceneManager* smgr, MapDrawControl& draw_control);
// Get player scene node.
// This node is positioned at the player's torso (without any view bobbing),
// as given by Player::m_position. Yaw is applied but not pitch.
inline scene::ISceneNode* getPlayerNode() const
return m_playernode;
// Get head scene node.
// It has the eye transformation and pitch applied,
// but no view bobbing.
inline scene::ISceneNode* getHeadNode() const
return m_headnode;
// Get camera scene node.
// It has the eye transformation, pitch and view bobbing applied.
inline scene::ICameraSceneNode* getCameraNode() const
return m_cameranode;
// Get the camera position (in absolute scene coordinates).
// This has view bobbing applied.
inline v3f getPosition() const
return m_camera_position;
// Get the camera direction (in absolute camera coordinates).
// This has view bobbing applied.
inline v3f getDirection() const
return m_camera_direction;
// Horizontal field of view
inline f32 getFovX() const
return m_fov_x;
// Vertical field of view
inline f32 getFovY() const
return m_fov_y;
// Get maximum of getFovX() and getFovY()
inline f32 getFovMax() const
return MYMAX(m_fov_x, m_fov_y);
// Checks if the constructor was able to create the scene nodes
bool successfullyCreated(std::wstring& error_message);
// Step the camera: updates the viewing range and view bobbing.
void step(f32 dtime);
// Update the camera from the local player's position.
// frametime is used to adjust the viewing range.
void update(LocalPlayer* player, f32 frametime, v2u32 screensize);
// Render distance feedback loop
void updateViewingRange(f32 frametime_in);
// Update settings from g_settings
void updateSettings();
// Replace the wielded item mesh
void wield(const InventoryItem* item, IGameDef *gamedef);
// Start digging animation
// Pass 0 for left click, 1 for right click
void setDigging(s32 button);
// Draw the wielded tool.
// This has to happen *after* the main scene is drawn.
// Warning: This clears the Z buffer.
void drawWieldedTool();
// Scene manager and nodes
scene::ISceneManager* m_smgr;
scene::ISceneNode* m_playernode;
scene::ISceneNode* m_headnode;
scene::ICameraSceneNode* m_cameranode;
scene::ISceneManager* m_wieldmgr;
ExtrudedSpriteSceneNode* m_wieldnode;
// draw control
MapDrawControl& m_draw_control;
// viewing_range_min_nodes setting
f32 m_viewing_range_min;
// viewing_range_max_nodes setting
f32 m_viewing_range_max;
// Absolute camera position
v3f m_camera_position;
// Absolute camera direction
v3f m_camera_direction;
// Field of view and aspect ratio stuff
f32 m_aspect;
f32 m_fov_x;
f32 m_fov_y;
// Stuff for viewing range calculations
f32 m_wanted_frametime;
f32 m_added_frametime;
s16 m_added_frames;
f32 m_range_old;
f32 m_frametime_old;
f32 m_frametime_counter;
f32 m_time_per_range;
// View bobbing animation frame (0 <= m_view_bobbing_anim < 1)
f32 m_view_bobbing_anim;
// If 0, view bobbing is off (e.g. player is standing).
// If 1, view bobbing is on (player is walking).
// If 2, view bobbing is getting switched off.
s32 m_view_bobbing_state;
// Speed of view bobbing animation
f32 m_view_bobbing_speed;
// Digging animation frame (0 <= m_digging_anim < 1)
f32 m_digging_anim;
// If -1, no digging animation
// If 0, left-click digging animation
// If 1, right-click digging animation
s32 m_digging_button;
A scene node that displays a 2D mesh extruded into the third dimension,
to add an illusion of depth.
Since this class was created to display the wielded tool of the local
player, and only tools and items are rendered like this (but not solid
content like stone and mud, which are shown as cubes), the option to
draw a textured cube instead is provided.
class ExtrudedSpriteSceneNode: public scene::ISceneNode
scene::ISceneNode* parent,
scene::ISceneManager* mgr,
s32 id = -1,
const v3f& position = v3f(0,0,0),
const v3f& rotation = v3f(0,0,0),
const v3f& scale = v3f(1,1,1));
void setSprite(video::ITexture* texture);
void setCube(const TileSpec tiles[6]);
void updateLight(u8 light);
void removeSpriteFromCache(video::ITexture* texture);
virtual const core::aabbox3d<f32>& getBoundingBox() const;
virtual void OnRegisterSceneNode();
virtual void render();
scene::IMeshSceneNode* m_meshnode;
scene::IMesh* m_cubemesh;
bool m_is_cube;
u8 m_light;
io::path getExtrudedName(video::ITexture* texture);
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