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(ns advent.fifteen
(:require [clojure.string :as str]))
(def div 2147483647)
(defn generator [starting-value factor]
(fn []
(let [f #(rem (* factor %) div)
start (f (bigint starting-value))]
(iterate f start))))
(def example-generator-a (generator 65 16807))
(def example-generator-b (generator 8921 48271))
(def real-generator-a (generator 277 16807))
(def real-generator-b (generator 349 48271))
(defn to-binary-string [i]
(Integer/toBinaryString i))
(defn with-leading-zeroes [desired-length s]
(let [format-string (str "%" desired-length "s")
with-spaces (format format-string s)]
(str/replace with-spaces #" " "0")))
(defn trailing [s n]
(let [start (- (count s) n)]
(subs s start)))
(defn counts? [a b]
(let [max-length (max (count a) (count b))
comparable-a (with-leading-zeroes max-length a)
comparable-b (with-leading-zeroes max-length b)]
(= (trailing comparable-a 16)
(trailing comparable-b 16))))
(defn judge [a-generator b-generator n]
(let [as (map to-binary-string (take n (a-generator)))
bs (map to-binary-string (take n (b-generator)))]
(count (filter (partial apply counts?) (partition 2 (interleave as bs))))))
(defn run []
(judge real-generator-a real-generator-b 40000000))
(defn multiple-of? [n]
(fn [i]
(zero? (mod i n))))
(defn run-again []
(let [generator-a #(filter (multiple-of? 4) (real-generator-a))
generator-b #(filter (multiple-of? 8) (real-generator-b))]
(judge generator-a generator-b 5000000)))