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(ns advent.thirteen
(:require [clojure.string :as str]))
(defn update-firewall [firewall line]
(let [[depth range] (map #(Integer/parseInt %) (str/split line #": "))]
(assoc firewall depth range)))
(defn max-depth [firewall]
(apply max (keys firewall)))
(defn min-depth [firewall]
(apply min (keys firewall)))
(defn depths [firewall]
(range (min-depth firewall)
(inc (max-depth firewall))))
(defn range-at [firewall depth]
(get firewall depth 0))
(defn oscillate-to [n]
(if (zero? n)
(repeat 0)
(letfn [(oscillator
([] (oscillator 0 1))
([a b]
(let [step (if (or (< a b n) (zero? b)) inc dec)]
(lazy-seq (cons a (oscillator b (step b)))))))]
(defn scanner-position [firewall depth t]
(let [max-index (dec (range-at firewall depth))
oscillator (oscillate-to max-index)]
(last (take (inc t) oscillator))))
(defn caught-at? [firewall depth t]
(when (get firewall depth)
(zero? (scanner-position firewall depth t))))
(defn severity [firewall depth t]
(if (caught-at? firewall depth t)
(* depth (range-at firewall depth))
(defn parse-input [input]
(let [lines (str/split input #"\n")
firewall (reduce update-firewall {} lines)]
(defn get-firewall []
(parse-input (slurp "resources/thirteen.txt")))
(defn run []
(let [firewall (get-firewall)]
(apply + (map (partial severity firewall)
(depths firewall)
(depths firewall)))))
(defn caught-at? [layer range delay]
(let [dividend (* 2 (dec range))
packet-position (+ layer delay)]
(zero? (mod packet-position dividend))))
(defn position-equations [firewall]
(map (fn [me]
(let [layer (key me)
range (val me)]
(partial caught-at? layer range)))
(defn evades-capture? [equations delay]
(filter identity
(map #(% delay) equations))))
(defn run-again []
(let [firewall (get-firewall)
eqs (position-equations firewall)]
(first (filter (partial evades-capture? eqs)