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(ns advent.three)
(def transitions {:seek-max-x :seek-max-y
:seek-max-y :seek-min-x
:seek-min-x :seek-min-y
:seek-min-y :seek-max-x})
(def strategy->relative-move {:seek-max-x [1 0]
:seek-max-y [0 1]
:seek-min-x [-1 0]
:seek-min-y [0 -1]})
(def strategy->comparison {:seek-max-x (fn [a b] (not= (get-in b [:max-x :x])
(get-in a [:max-x :x])))
:seek-max-y (fn [a b] (not= (get-in b [:max-y :y])
(get-in a [:max-y :y])))
:seek-min-x (fn [a b] (not= (get-in b [:min-x :x])
(get-in a [:min-x :x])))
:seek-min-y (fn [a b] (not= (get-in b [:min-y :y])
(get-in a [:min-y :y])))})
(defn coordinates [point]
(vector (get point :x) (get point :y)))
(defn known-points [state]
(conj (get state :points)
(get state :position)))
(defn extremities [state]
(let [points (known-points state)
by-x (sort-by :x points)
by-y (sort-by :y points)]
{:min-x (first by-x)
:max-x (last by-x)
:min-y (first by-y)
:max-y (last by-y)}))
(defn state
([points position]
(state points position :seek-max-x))
([points position strategy]
{:points points
:position position
:strategy strategy}))
(defn point [x y label value]
{:x x
:y y
:label label
:value value})
(defn point-add [point x y]
{:x (+ x (get point :x))
:y (+ y (get point :y))}))
(defn point-with-label [point label]
(assoc point :label label))
(defn initial-state []
(state [(point 0 0 1 1)]
(point 0 0 1 1)))
(defn with-position [state position]
(-> state
(assoc :position position)
(update :points conj position)))
(defn next-position [state]
(let [strategy (get state :strategy)
[relative-x relative-y] (get strategy->relative-move strategy)
current (get state :position)
current-label (get current :label)]
(point-with-label (point-add current relative-x relative-y) (inc current-label))))
(defn one-away [state]
(with-position state (next-position state)))
(defn walk [state]
(let [next (one-away state)
strategy (get state :strategy)
strategy-change-fn (get strategy->comparison strategy)
strategy-change? (strategy-change-fn (extremities next)
(extremities state))]
(if strategy-change?
(let [new-strategy (get transitions strategy)]
(-> next
(assoc :strategy new-strategy)
(assoc :points (vals (extremities next)))))
(assoc next :points (vals (extremities next))))))
(defn point-at [state point]
(let [points (get state :points)]
(filter #(= (coordinates point) (coordinates %))
(defn neighbors [state point]
(let [moves [[0 1] [0 -1]
[1 0] [1 1] [1 -1]
[-1 0] [-1 1] [-1 -1]]
this-x (get point :x)
this-y (get point :y)]
(remove nil? (map (fn [[x y]] (point-at state {:x (+ this-x x) :y (+ this-y y)}))
(defn next-value [state point]
(reduce + (map :value (neighbors state point))))
(defn next-state [state]
(let [next-state (one-away state)
next-position* (get next-state :position)
next-position-value (next-value state next-position*)
next-position (assoc next-position* :value next-position-value)
strategy (get state :strategy)
strategy-change-fn (get strategy->comparison strategy)
strategy-change? (strategy-change-fn (extremities next-state)
(extremities state))
preliminary-next-state (-> state
(update :points conj next-position)
(assoc :position next-position))]
(if strategy-change?
(assoc preliminary-next-state :strategy (get transitions strategy))
(defn current-label [state]
(get-in state [:position :label]))
(defn walk-board-up-to [n]
(loop [state (initial-state)]
(if (= (current-label state) n)
(recur (walk state)))))
(defn generate-board-past-value [v]
(loop [state (initial-state)]
(let [value (get-in state [:position :value])]
(if (> value v)
(recur (next-state state))))))
(defn taxicab-distance [a b]
(let [[x1 x2] (coordinates a)
[y1 y2] (coordinates b)]
(+ (Math/abs (- x1 y1))
(Math/abs (- x2 y2)))))
(defn radial-distance-to [n]
(let [board (walk-board-up-to n)
position (get board :position)]
(taxicab-distance position {:x 0 :y 0})))