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Collection template

This readme file should contain a the name and a short description/quick docs of the collection and an optional link to docs/ for more complete documentation.

current dir structure:

  • docs/: local documentation for the collection
  • license.txt: optional copy of license(s) for this collection
  • galaxy.yml: source data for the MANIFEST.json that will be part of the collection package
  • playbooks/: playbooks reside here tasks/: this holds 'task list files' for include_tasks/import_tasks usage
  • plugins/: all ansible plugins and modules go here, each in its own subdir
    • modules/: ansible modules
    • lookups/: lookup plugins
    • filters/: Jinja2 filter plugins
    • ... rest of plugins
  • or README.rst: this file
  • roles/: directory for ansible roles
  • tests/: tests for the collection's content
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