output coverage reports using Node.js' built in coverage
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c8 - native V8 code-coverage

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Code-coverage using Node.js' build in functionality that's compatible with Istanbul's reporters.

Like nyc, c8 just magically works:

npm i c8 -g
c8 node foo.js

The above example will output coverage metrics for foo.js.

c8 report

run c8 report to regenerate reports after c8 has already been run.

Supported Node.js Versions

c8 uses bleeding edge Node.js features, make sure you're running Node.js >= 10.12.0.

Goals of the Project

A fully functional code coverage solution using only V8's native coverage features and minimal user-land modules, so that we fit these constraints:

  • No parsing of JavaScript code.
  • No mucking with Node.js' runtime environment.

Contributing to c8

See the contributing guide here.