a proxy for simulating slow, spotty, HTTP connections
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crapify is a proxy for simulating slow, spotty, HTTP connections. It allows you to vary:

  • the upload and download speed of requests.
  • the maximum number of concurrent outbound HTTP connections.
  • the number of bytes dropped during transfers.

Contribute to Crapify on GitHub


  • npm install crapify -g
  • crapify start --port=5000 --speed=3000 --concurrency=2, where:
    • port is the port crapify should start on.
    • speed is the connection speed in bytes/second.
    • concurrency is the number of concurrent outbound connections allowed.
    • drop-frequency is how often bytes should be dropped (byte count % drop frequency).


usage with npm

npm config set proxy

usage with curl

curl -v --proxy https://www.google.com

usage with OSX

  1. Go to system preferences.
  2. Click on Network.
  3. Click on Advanced.
  4. Click on Proxies.
  5. Enable an http, and an https proxy, with, and :5000, respectively.

If you like crapify, you may also like...

  • tylertreat/Comcast, a Go frontend that simulates terrible network connections by directly modifying settings for your network interfaces.