Publishes tweets when libraries are updated on NPM.
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I published a library recently that didn't get nearly as many followers as expected.

A person of lesser hubris might have assumed that the library was was less useful than they initially assumed. Luckily I didn't make this false assumption...

The problem was that there aren't enough tweets when Node.js packages are published or updated

npm-tweets is an open-source twitter bot that tweets as packages are updated on!/nodenpm


I've open-sourced npm-tweets so that anyone can easily setup an npm Twitter Bot.

Creating the Bot:

var NPMTweets = require('npm-tweets').NPMTweets;

npmTweets = new NPMTweets({
    consumer_key: 'CONSUMER_KEY',
    consumer_secret: 'CONSUMER_SECRET',
    access_token_key: 'TOKEN_KEY',
    access_token_secret: 'TOKEN_SECRET',
    filter: function(package){ return === 'npm-tweets'; }


Copyright (c) 2011 Benjamin Coe See LICENSE.txt for further details.