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Bcash Release Notes & Changelog


This release includes:

  • Nov 15 upgrade
    • Implement and enforce canonical transaction order.
    • Enforce minimum transaction size of 100 bytes.
  • Remove monolith deployments
  • Update bcrypto
  • bug fixes

Backports from bcoin:

  • bug fixes


Major changes include backports from bcoin:

  • buffer-map refactor
  • bug fixes

Notable Changes

  • Initial tagged bcash release.

Bcoin Release Notes & Changelog



The chain indexing subsystem has been refactored to be more modular and flexible. A migration is required to cleanup the old indexes, if present.

Indexing has been made extensible so that new indexers such as a filter index for BIP 157 can be implemented easily.

Users can toggle any indexing on/off anytime before or after the initial sync. The indexer will start resyncing the chain state and replaying blocks to process them for indexing. Once caught up, it will just index new blocks.

An index can be dropped by just deleting the corresponding database.

Notable Changes

  • __lib/indexer__ Indexer implements the base methods which are common to all indexers, including setting up the database, handling chain events such as new block etc.

  • By default, bcoin ships TXIndexer, AddrIndexer implementations. These indexers preserve all the existing indexing functionality and can be enabled via the same flags i.e. --index-tx --index-address, for compatibility.

  • Database location can be configured via --index-prefix config option. Default locations are prefix + /index e.g.: ~/.bcoin/testnet/index/tx, ~/.bcoin/testnet/index/addr.

  • __/lib/blockchain/chain__ - the following methods have been moved out of the chain to the indexers:

    node.txindex implements:

    • getMeta(hash)
    • getTX(hash)
    • hasTX(hash)
    • getSpentView(tx)

    node.addrindex implements:

    • getCoinsByAddress(addrs)
    • getHashesByAddress(addrs)
    • getTXByAddress(addrs)
    • getMetaByAddress(addrs)

    Using these methods on the chain is deprecated.



The latest bcoin release contains almost a total rewrite of the wallet. A migration is required.

Bcoin has also been modularized quite a bit. Users installing globally from npm should be sure to run:

$ npm update -g bcoin

For users who cloned the respository themselves, it might be wise to simply remove the node_modules directory and do a fresh npm install.

$ cd bcoin/
$ git pull origin master
$ rm -rf node_modules/
$ npm install
$ npm test

Once upgrading is complete, a migration script must be executed. The migration script resides in ./migrate/latest as an executable file.

A bcoin prefix directory must be passed as the first argument.


$ ./migrate/latest ~/.bcoin

What this does:

  • Renames chain.ldb to chain.
  • Renames spvchain.ldb to spvchain.
  • Renames walletdb.ldb to wallet.
  • Runs a migration (chaindb3to4.js) on chain.
  • Runs a migration (chaindb3to4.js) on spvchain.
  • Runs a migration (walletdb6to7.js) on wallet.

The chain migration should be minor, and only taxing if you have --index-address enabled.

If you have a testnet, regtest, or simnet directory, the migration must also be run on these, e.g.

$ ./migrate/latest ~/.bcoin/testnet

Also note that the --prefix argument now always creates a fully-fledged prefix directory. For example --prefix ~/.bcoin_whatever --network testnet will create a directory structure of ~/.bcoin_whatever/testnet/ instead of ~/.bcoin_whatever. Please update your directory structure accordingly.

Configuration Changes

Wallet and Node are now separated and use different persistent configuration files. Some configuration options have moved to wallet.conf, which is stored in the prefix directory next to the existing bcoin.conf.

All configuration options in wallet.conf will have the wallet- prefix added implicitly. The prefix is still needed when using CLI/ENV configuration methods. The wallet now has it's own HTTP server, so options such as wallet-http-host must also be specified along with http-host if you require this setting (required for Docker networking).

Wallet-specific settings such as api-key and wallet-auth have moved to wallet.conf. If using CLI/ENV options, these are prefixed with wallet-. Various configuration method examples are shown below. Note some config options (eg. network) are automatically passed to wallet plugin if specified through CLI/ENV, but should be specified in wallet.conf for bwallet-cli.

Example using wallet.conf:

network: testnet
wallet-auth: true
api-key: hunter2

Example using CLI options: ./bin/node --network=testnet --http-host= --wallet-http-host= --wallet-api-key=hunter2 --wallet-wallet-auth=true


Bcoin Client Changes

The bcoin cli interface has been deprecated and is now replaced with a separate tool: bcoin-cli. bcoin wallet has also been deprecated and is replaced with bwallet-cli. Both bcoin-cli and bwallet-cli can be installed with the bclient package in npm.

Wallet API Changes

The main wallet API changes have to do with changes in the structure of the HTTP server itself. The bcoin wallet HTTP server will now always listen on it's own port. Standard ports are:

main: 8334
testnet: 18334
regtest: 48334
simnet: 18558

The default account object is no longer present on the wallet. To retrieve it, request /wallet/:id/account/default instead. More minor changes to the JSON output include the removal of id and wid properties on a number of objects. Please update your code accordingly.

For events, all wallet prefixes have been removed. For example, wallet join should be replaced with simply join. All wallet-related events (tx, confirmed, etc) now receive the wallet ID as the first argument. The tx event will receive [id, details] instead of [details].

The _admin endpoints have been moved up a level. Instead of requesting /wallet/_admin/backup (for example), request /backup instead. If --wallet-auth is enabled, a new flag --admin-token is accepted. Admin token is a 64 character hex string and allows access to all admin routes. For example, GET /backup?token=xxx.... It also allows access to any wallet on the HTTP or websocket layer (websockets who use the admin token can join a wallet of *, which notifies them of events on all wallets).

Notable Changes

  • wallet/http - A conflict event will be correctly emitted for all double spends.
  • wallet/http - Account balances are now indexed and will appear on account objects via the API.
  • bcoin - Bcoin has been rewritten using class syntax. Objects will not be inheritable with legacy prototypal inheritance.
  • pkg - Bcoin is once again buildable with browserify.
  • pkg - Numerous modules have been moved out to separate dependencies. For example, the lib/crypto module has been moved to the bcrypto package (and also heavily optimized even further).
  • bcoin - The main bcoin module has been rewritten in terms of what it exposes and how. Conventions have changed (Address instead of address). Due to the use of class syntax, something like bcoin.Address(str) is no longer possible. Please take a look at lib/bcoin.js to get a better idea of what has changed.
  • net - Support for BIP151 and BIP150 has been dropped.


Notable Changes


Notable Changes

  • pkg - Ignored bcoin* files in npmignore have been removed. This fixes the npm install.


Notable Changes

  • config - Options using megabyte units are now calculated properly again (6182df044228f9215938e7d314435f3f2640acca, a630d23a97b68f189a85105856fedc4e9e515754, 7728a0047053d4c368e60426e5fc7cc812d54caf).

  • address - Bech32 addresses are now supported (6acef06cbc87a3051ba238a2fb640562e718135e). This changes the semantics of the Address object: to support bech32, Address.fromBase58 calls should be replaced with Address.fromString. Likewise, addr.toBase58 calls should be replaced with addr.toString

  • rpc - getblockbyheight is now exposed via JSON-RPC. It takes the same parameters as the getblock call, requiring a height instead of block hash (12d3ee6f9582afa9a3ba8984c63dcbc27b8db57e).

  • bin - bcoin --version and bcoin --help now exit with appropriate messages (f2f94a800e37c5dbdda6920fa6b85fbd485c212a).

  • net - The p2p pool now exposes an --only option (a1d0948f2e528c5d77d6502659fafd064b1e693b).

  • mempool - The mempool indexAddress option should now work correctly (fba9b46d253c19bbf8e662d9d75ab03dc9e20a78).

  • rpc - JSON-RPC calls now properly cast booleans a la bitcoin core (dd49ee076196d2353783e3044185165dbac4aeb9).

  • rpc - Various RPC calls have been improved and updated (c78707ed6a71ce46c41c4e43ecb505e78a84b380, c1e684dc12d0a86573a905d54d4f81fce921987a, 5bde338a53117b1bd0fd92df0abc23d95180ab32).

  • rpc - Retroactive pruning is now available via the pruneblockchain call (f0bc6d5925419ba4a8289fa7828efc48ecc152d4).

  • http - Getting block by height via the Rest API now works again (df4c8cc68c965bd818a5004354d2652751d4a702).

  • net - Peers who serve invalid orphans are now punished properly (0ceca23cb5a3d724c79c6bf587ede5d473df8486).

  • utils - An implementation of GCS filters is now supported (b994c278f25408886c3095d0c24123baaf07f78f).

  • http - The witness option is now properly exposed on the Rest API for segwit wallets (f04ad612b216becd35765c6e231f7820c7eee358).

  • deps - Node.js >=v7.6.0 is now a required dependency (a0bd9680fed07c5eb37c227d160b0868f8adaf31).

  • build - The browser build has switched from browserify to webpack (19f236f74072d473123d20282d2119f6d9130458).

  • bcoin - The codebase has been rewritten to use all ES6 and ES7 features supported by node.js (aa05bb5df79d9a3af53060a4c0c066226f6e9e4c, 78d62c73b82e1953999d1cf80c90ed2035d4996e, e00472891df5934d8fc3aa63662f852816aa86b0, c53f4cf89e46d9de8ab7f65430310567558fe03f, 8c7279518f5341a2482a79ac98f0574468541edc).

  • workers - The worker pool has been refactored to solve the dissonance between the browser and node.js (27c60ce76e57af1695d78f912227d93194812c88).

  • net - DNS requests should now timeout sooner (647b6909c6d527eb82f6d789c88a23b2f8a60126).

  • http - Satoshi values are now required for all JSON serialization, as opposed to BTC strings which were used in the past (2f51fd1c5066f194a5a52383f4dd45497b882706).

  • bin - The --no-wallet flag is now exposed for nodes who want to run without a wallet.

  • chain - BIP91 support is now exposed via the --bip91 option. The segwit and segsignal rules will be automatically added when calling getblocktemplate. To enable bip91 on an existing database --force-flags must be passed. This will force bip91 to be enforced, but will not invalidate any previous blocks (bcoin cli reset [height] may need to be used).

  • chain - BIP148 support is now exposed via the --bip148 option. This likewise must be enabled with --force-flags on existing chains. This has the same potential "reset" implications as the --bip91 option.


This release contains a few non-backward-compatible changes.

Bcoin now requires node.js >=7.6.0 due to the use of ES6/7 features, and for the sake of more stability.

Bcoin's rest API now assumes satoshi values for in all JSON serialization. This is a breaking change for code that is not aware of it. All code which hits the rest API must be updated to use only satoshi values as opposed to BTC strings.

In other words, this:

  "unconfirmed": "1.12",
  "confirmed": "1.12"

Becomes this:

  "unconfirmed": 112000000,
  "confirmed": 112000000


Notable Changes

  • networks - Fixed simnet wpkh prefix.
  • http - wallet join without wallet auth has been fixed for responses. This was causing a hanging issue with the client.


Notable Changes

  • networks - Simnet params have been fixed.
  • cli - Chain reset call has been fixed.


Notable Changes

  • wallet/http - Create wallet route modified (POST /wallet/:id? changed to PUT /wallet/:id).
  • wallet/http - Create account route modified (POST /wallet/:id/account/:account? changed to PUT /wallet/:id/account/:account).
  • wallet/http - auth event name for wallet auth changed to wallet auth.
  • config - payout-address option was changed to coinbase-address.
  • node - Plugin system is now exposed. See
  • config - The internal API for the config object has been rewritten and is now more reusable, particularly by node plugins.
  • http/rpc - Both the HTTPBase and RPCBase objects now allow "mounting" by other rpc and http servers.
  • wallet - The wallet code has been completely removed from the node, and now resides entirely within one module. The wallet is exposed only as a plugin or a separate server.
  • rpc - prioritisetransaction is now exposed properly (deltaFees are now tracked on mempool entries).
  • rpc - Proper id and error codes are now implemented.
  • rpc - Several getblocktemplate improvements have been implemented for more accuracy. e.g. curtime will now be updated each call.
  • mining - The internal miner API has been rewritten, and now mimics stratum in a sense.
  • chain - Faster verification with checkpoints.
  • net - Fixed a potential block stalling issue.
  • net - Hardcoded seeds for main added. Makes for better shipping with browsers.
  • wsproxy/proxysocket - DNS resolution is no longer exposed.
  • logger - Log files now trim to 20mb on boot.
  • hostlist - A persistent hosts file is now written by default.


Notable Changes

  • mempool - Trimming now removes dependency chains by cumulative fee rate.
  • mempool - Cumulative descendant fees are now updated properly when removing a transaction.
  • net - Preliminary upnp support for adding port mappings.
  • chain/mempool/miner - Various atomicity fixes and extra sanity checking.
  • pool/peer - Peer height is now tracked and exposed on the RPC as bestheight.


Notable Changes

  • mempool - Fixed critical fee estimator bug causing throwing in the mempool.


Notable Changes

  • http - Always display spent coins in tx routes (e.g. /tx/[txid]).
  • mempool - An on-disk mempool is now exposed via --persistent-mempool (also makes fee data persistent).
  • chain - chain.add now takes a flags parameter to avoid POW and non-contextual checks if necessary.
  • net - HostList is now potentially persistent with a hostLocation option.
  • net - Smarter stall behavior and timeouts.


Notable Changes

  • http - Better bitcoind compatability for JSON-RPC.


Notable Changes

  • miner - Better fee rate comparisons.
  • deps - Upgrade deps, fix build on arm and windows.


Notable Changes

  • miner - Optimized TX sorting.
  • rpc - Improved getblocktemplate to provide more accurate results to bitcoind.


Notable Changes

  • miner - Improved fee rate sorting.
  • rpc - Fix incompatibilities in rpc api (getblocktemplate & submitblock).


Notable Changes

  • pool - Increase max header chain failures to 500 (prevents the initial sync from reverting to getblocks so frequently).


Notable Changes

  • wsproxy: Fixed proof of work handling in websocket proxy (43c491b).
  • chain: Optimized MTP and network target calculations (1e07d1b).
  • wallet: Implemented "smart" coin selection (304f0e7e).
  • protocol: Increased default network fees for main (09c2357).
  • http: Fix for handling DELETE http method (393dd5d).
  • miner: Improved handling of default reserved size and sigops (f2964e0 and 7104e4c).


Notable Changes

  • Initial tagged release.