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Version 0.4.8-dev Unreleased
* Added support for Ruby 1.9.1
* Added over 700 new plugins
* Added aggressive version detection using md5 static file matches to several plugins
* Added support for raw HTTP headers when scanning local files
* Added --dorks <plugin name> to return google dorks for the selected plugin
* Added google dorks to more than 500 plugins
* Added ./addons/hunter
* Added ./addons/gggooglescan
* Added ./addons/country-scanner
* Added SQL logging with `--log-sql` and `--log-sql-create` arguments. These are not listed in the usage.
* Added raw header support by monkey patching the net/http library
* Added context searching for plugin matches[]. Added the matches keyword, :search. Values can be "headers","headers[server]"(or any other HTTP header),"body"(default), "all" (the raw headers + body)
* Added methods for aggressive plugins to send HEAD and POST requests
* Added --grep, -g option to be easier than --custom-plugin. (Requested by Scott Bell)
* Removed the spidering feature and dependence on the customised and unsupported Anemone gem
* Removed the extra_urls feature
* Removed dependency on em-resolv-replace
* Updated whatweb.xsl
* Fixed a bug causing Mongo DB logging to fail
* Fixed a bug causing brief logging to not escape special characters
* Fixed meta refresh redirection but with HTML entities in the URL
* Redesigned and refactored much of Whatweb's code. Introduced the Target class
* Targets from input files are now executed ascending order
* Better support for UTF-8 encoded strings in plugins.
* :status and :url are now logical AND with other matches. They cannot match in isolation unless with each other.
* Updated Country plugin. Fixed IPv6 bug
* Changed version from 0.4.8 to 0.4.8-dev to show development version
* Plugin brief output is now sorted alphabetically by plugin name

Version 0.4.7 Released April 5th 2011
* Performance enhancements & bug fixes
* Added -p + as a shortcut for -p +plugins-disabled
* Added --quiet, -q - to not display brief logging to STDOUT
* Fix Makefile - you can now install whatweb over an old version
* Removed certainty from Mongo and JSON output unless certainty < 100
* Removed certainty info from verbose output unless certainty <100
* Bugfixes for error reporting
* Updated some error messages
* Changed default open and read timeouts to 15 and 30 seconds respectively
* Updated slow plugins
* Added plugins: TVersity, Ultimate-Bulletin-Board,
* Moved plugins to plugins-disabled: atom_feed, meta-city, meta-contact, meta-country, meta-geography, meta-state, meta-zipcode and script
* Renamed mailto plugin to email

Version 0.4.6 Released March 25th 2011
* Updated ~230 plugins
* Added ~600 new plugins
* Added Escenic CMS plugin from Erik Inge Bolsø
* Added EscenicEngine5 plugin by nikosk
* Added barracuda-load-balancer, binarysec-firewall, citrix-netscaler, cloudflare, evercookie, juniper-netscreen-secure-access, juniper-load-balancer, profense-firewall, vTigerCRM, watchguard-firewall, www-authenticate plugins by Aung Khant
* Moved some plugins into disabled-plugins, as they clutter output. adobe_flash.rb, footer-hash.rb, frame.rb, header-hash.rb, md5.rb, script.rb, shortcut-icon.rb, tagpattern-hash.rb
* Renamed disabled-plugins/ to plugins-disabled/
* Changed $ANEMONE_SKIP_REGEX=Regexp.union line to be compatible with Ruby 1.8.6. Thanks to Michal Ambroz
* Added plugin reporting support for :model=>, :firmware=>, :module=>
* Added --wait SECONDS between connections. Combine with -t 1 if preferred.
* Added meta-refresh redirect support. eg. <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0;url=../default/mail/index.html">. Only for non-spidering
* Added {:version=>/regexp/, :offset} to remove cargo cult programming. eg.
{:version=>/<meta name="Generator" (content|CONTENT)="(ASPNUKE|ASP-Nuke) ([^->"]+)/, :offset=>2, :name=>"meta generator tag" }
* Replaced :probability with :certainty in my-plugins/plugin-template.rb.txt. Thanks Erik Inge Bolsø
* Added support for em-resolv-replace which speeds up whatweb many times.
* Added XML stylesheet "whatweb.xsl" for XML reports
* Added reporting of version detection with matches to the Plugin Info, eg. whatweb -I
* Changed whatweb -I behaviour to search plugins for keywords. eg. './whatweb -I nuke' brings up ASP-Nuke, PHPNuke, DotNetNuke, etc.
* Bugfix: Changed webpage data for when working with files, not URIs. Now it passes empty hashes, etc instead of nil which caused plugins to report errors.
* Added MongoDB logging. Use with --log-mongo-database, --log-mongo-host, --log-mongo-collection, --log-mongo-username, --log-mongo-password. Only database has no default.
* Added JSON logging. Must have the json ruby gem installed or be using Ruby 1.9
* Added MagicTree logging.
* MagicTree logging updated by Gremwell.
* Added error logging.
* Added Verbose logging.
* Added XML header and footer to XML logs
* Modified XML logging to record modules separately
* Bug fix: Escaping the XML log properly for &, <, >, "
* All logs are now flushed/synced
* Bug fix: References to :probability instead of :certainty in some logging
* Changed error message for non resolving hostnames from "undefined method `closed?' for nil:NilClass" to "Cannot resolve hostname"
* Added ascii whatweb logo
* Moved Plugin class into lib/plugins.rb
* Added startup and shutdown for plugins
* Model and Firmware results now display in dark green
* Added :filepath match type
* Added vulnerability matching support, this is still in the experimental phase and not supported.
* Added vulnerability matching code to the awstats plugin.
* Precompiled regular expressions in matches[] for speed improvement
* Changed internal sleep times from 1s to 0.5s
* Added --debug to raise errors found in plugins
* Usage displays faster when no arguments are provided
* Added version string to the help usage
* Added advanced plugin template
* Removed How to write whatweb plugins text file as it's deprecated by the wiki
* Brief output escapes [] and all characters before SPACE with URL encoding
* Added --quiet, -q to suppress Brief Output on stdout by default. Thanks to cdybedahl for this idea.
* Improved OSX compatibility with a patch from matti for symlinks
* Added :status for HTTP Status codes to match[]. :status has a logical AND with a :url, it can't be by itself.
* Updated plugin list and plugin info output
* Bug fix: Now redirects for HTTP statuses 300 through 399. Previously redirected for 301,302 and 307.
* Bug fix: :account didn't have regular expression support
* Changed :modules to :module, deprecated :accounts to :account
* Added redirect control. options are 'never',`http-only', `meta-only', `same-site', `same-domain', 'always'
* Added --max-redirects. Control the maximum number of contiguous redirects followed
* Added custom headers. Can be used multiple times. Examples: --header or -H. eg. "foo:bar" or "user-agent: blinky". Specifying a default header will replace it. Specifying an empty value removes hte header, eg. "User-Agent:"
* Added support for HTTP basic authentication. -u and --user
* Added plugin-development/get-pattern by Aung Khant
* Added to plugin-development/: wget-alexa-top-1m, wget-ip-to-country, alexa-top-1000.txt, alexa-top-100.txt, wikipedia-top-1000.txt
* Added nmap-style IP address range support

Version 0.4.5 Released August 17th 2010
* Added 5 plugins from Tonmoy Saikia. They are: Commonspot, TextPattern, Mediawiki, DUclassified and Mailman
* Added 119 plugins from Brendan Coles. They are: Alcatel-Lucent-Omniswitch, Allinta-CMS, anyInventory, Arab-Portal, AVTech-Video-Web-Server, Barracuda-Spam-Firewall, Basilic, Biromsoft-WebCam, BlueNet-Video-Server, BM-Classifieds, Brother-Printer, BusinessSpace, BXR, Campsite, Canon-Network-Camera, Cisco-VPN-3000-Concentrator, CMSQLite, ColdFusion, coWiki, cpCommerce, CruxCMS, CruxPA, Dell-Printer, D-Link-Network-Camera, DMXReady, DT-Centrepiece, EazyCMS, eLitius, EMO-Realty-Manager, Empire-CMS, envezion~media, eSyndiCat, Evo-Cam, FestOS, Flax-Article-Manager, FluentNET, Forest-Blog, GuppY, HP-LaserJet-Printer, i-Catcher-Console, iDVR, Intellinet-IP-Camera, Interspire-Shopping-Cart, IPCop-Firewall, IQeye-Netcam, iRealty, iScripts-CyberMatch, iScripts-EasySnaps, iScripts-MultiCart, iScripts-ReserveLogic, iScripts-SocialWare, JAMM-CMS, Jamroom, Linksys-NAS, Linksys-Network-Camera, Linksys-Wireless-G-Camera, LocazoList-Classifieds, Lucky-Tech-iGuard, Mobotix-Network-Camera, MyioSoft-Ajax-Portal, My-PHP-Indexer, My-WebCamXP-Server, NetBotz-Network-Monitoring-Device, Netious-CMS, Netsnap-Web-Camera, Nukedit, Open-Blog, ORCA-Platform, ORITE-301-Camera, PageUp-People, Panasonic-Network-Camera, Parked-Domain, PHPDirector, PHPEasyData, phPhotoAlbum, Pixel-Ads-Script, Pixie, Pligg-CMS, PortalApp, Pressflow, RunCMS,, samPHPweb, SHOUTcast-Administrator, SimpNews, SkaLinks, SmodCMS, Snap-Appliance-Server, Softbiz-Freelancers-Script, Softbiz-Online-Auctions-Script, Softbiz-Online-Classifieds, Sony-Network-Camera, Sony-Video-Network-Station, Stardot-Express, StarDot-NetCam, Star-Network, Subdreamer-CMS, Subrion-CMS, SyndeoCMS, syntaxCMS, TaskFreak, Team-Board, The-PHP-Real-Estate-Script, TomatoCMS, Toshiba-Network-Camera, Veo-Observer, VisionGS-Webcam, WebDVR, WebEye-Network-Camera, WebPress, WhiteBoard, Winamp-Web-Interface, Windows-Internet-Printing, Xerox-Printers, xGB, XHP-CMS, Zeus-Cart, Zoph, Zyxel-Vantage-Service-Gateway
* Added 11 plugins from Caleb Anderson. They are: AdobeFlash, AtomFeed, CodeIgniterProfiler, DublinCore, MicrosoftODBCError, MysqlSyntaxError, OpenGraphProtocol, OpenID, OpenSearch, PasswordField, RSSFeed
* Updated plugins: Aardvark-Topsites-PHP, Confluence, Open-Source-Ticket-Request-System, PHP-Link-Directory, PHP-Shell, Vulnerable-to-XSS, Zoph
* Updated mailto plugin
* Verbose output now shows which patterns were matched within a plugin
* Fixed bug: Removed Makefile reference to 'disabled-plugins' folder
* Ruby 1.9 compatability fix. requires digest/md5 instead of md5
* Ruby 1.9 compatability fix. Replace UTF8 chars in frog-cms, dotnetnuke and mno-go-search and wordpress-supercache
* Fixed spelling error of verion in help information
* Fixed a typo where -t is shown as the command line option for proxies
* Modified command line usage and is now in 80x24 terminal format
* MD5sum of body is now available as @md5sum to all plugins
* :md5 is available in matches[], eg. {:name=>"must be",:md5=>"8666257030b94d3bdb46e05945f60b42"}
* tag pattern of HTML elements in body is now available as @tagpattern to all plugins
* :tagpattern is available in matches[], eg. {:name=>"must be",:tagpattern=>""!doctype,html,head,meta,title,/title,script,/script,style,/style, etc...."}
* :url is available in plugins. eg. {:url=>"/wp-login.php", :text=>'action=lostpassword'}, this will match the url and the text passively and when scanning aggressively, it will request the specified url and check for the text. Another example, {:url=>"/readme.html", :md5=>'9ea06ab0184049bf4ea2410bf51ce402', :version=>"3.0"},
* Added --url-prefix, eg. whatweb --url-prefix -i ./guess-files
* Added --url-suffix, eg. whatweb --url-suffix /robots.txt -i ./target-urls
* Added --url-pattern, eg. whatweb --url-pattern -i ./folder-list
* Added --custom-plugin to define a plugin on the command line. eg, ./whatweb --custom-plugin ":text=>'powered by abc'" -i ./targets or --custom-plugin "{:text=>'powered by abc'},{:regexp=>/meta abc/i}" -i ./targets
* Plugin errors are now in red, added target name
* Added --open-timeout and --read-timeout
* Removed div-span plugin, replaced with HTML tag pattern hash
* Added --spider-skip-extensions. Redefine the file extensions that Anemone will skip. The list is comma delimited.
* Moved plugin-template.rb to my-plugins and added more example, comments, etc
* Added $DEBUG = false. If set to true, it will raise errors in plugins to assist plugin development.

Version 0.4.4 Released June 29th 2010
* :probability is renamed to :certainty. :certainty in plugins is no longer required, it defaults to 100 if not specified.
* Fixed bug with ruby 1.8.5 when loading plugins
* Added author names to plugin info, eg. whatweb -I
* Added 67 plugins from Brendan Coles, bringing WhatWeb up to 163 plugins. 360-Web-Manager,ANECMS,AWStats,Aardvark-Topsites-PHP,ArGoSoft-Mail-Server,Axis-Network-Camera,BeEF,BlognPlus,Burning-Board-Lite,CGI,CGIProxy,CMScontrol,CMSimple,Confluence,DUforum,DUgallery,F3Site,File-Upload-Manager,Google-API,Google-Hack-Honeypot,IMGallery,JGS-Portal,Kloxo,Liferay,Lime-Survey,Linksys-USB-HDD,Loggix,Microsoft-Sharepoint,Open-Freeway,Open-Source-Ticket-Request-System,PG-Roomate-Finder-Solution,PHP-Fusion,PHP-Layers,PHP-Link-Directory,PHP-Shell,PHPFM,PHPraid,PhilBoard,Piwik,QNAP-NAS,Saurus-CMS,Site-Sift,TWiki,Trac,Turbo-Seek,Umbraco,VideoShareEnterprise,Virtualmin,Vulnerable-To-XSS,WWWBoard,Web-Calendar-System,Web-Data-Administrator,WoW-Raid-Manager,X7-Chat,Zen-Cart,Zikula,boastMachine,ezBOO-WebStats,jobberBase,mojoPortal,php-ping,phpFreeChat,phpMyAdmin,phpPgAdmin,phpSysInfo,phpinfo,uPortal
* Added references to
* Updates to README, CHANGELOG, plugin-template.rb.txt

Version 0.4.3 Released May 24th 2010
* Added GPLv2 notices
* Added Makefile (Thanks Michal Ambroz <rebus AT>)
* Added man pages (Thanks Michal Ambroz <rebus AT>)
* Added --version
* Added Invalid command line argument handling
* Added @cookie variable to plugins but is not availble for recursive use
* Changed output colour of page titles
* Changed plugin names to use a CamelCase convention
* Merged the google analytics GA and Urchin plugins
* Modified MovableType plugin
* Added Cookie names plugin
* Added Concrete5 CMS plugin
* Added CushyCMS plugin
* Added FrogCMS plugin
* Added ModxCMS plugin
* Added TypoLight plugin
* Added ExpressionEngine plugin
* Fixed a bug in Tomcat plugin
* New feature, my-plugins/ folder. Keep your personal plugins separate.
* Usage info shows correct defaults
* Fixed a bug where aggressive plugins didn't use the proxy settings
* Added XML (naive) logging
* Updated usage to show how to pipe HTML to /dev/stdin
* Added --no-redirect option. Do not follow HTTP 3xx redirects

Version 0.4.2 Released April 30th 2010
* Added header-hash plugin. Makes a hash of the first 500 characters. This is useful to identify unknown systems
* Added footer-hash plugin. Makes a hash of the last 500 characters, only if the page has > 1000 characters. This is useful to identify unknown systems
* Added div-span-structure plugin. Makes a hash of a signature of div and span tags. This is useful to identify unknown systems
* Added MikroTik Router plugin. Recognises version
* Fixed a bug where the URL had a ? suffix. This caused some types of http servers to repspond incorrectly.
* Added SquirrelMail plugin. Recognises version
* Added SearchFitShoppingCart plugin. Recognises version
* Added RoundCube plugin.
* Modified OSCommerce plugin. Recognises security warnings about file permissions and installation directory.
* Changed output colour to be more readable. Plugins that create hashes are in grey
* Changed output order of plugins, so plugins that create hashes come last

Version 0.4.1 Released April 28th 2010
* Removed dependency on rubygems and libxslt by modifying and locally including the Anemone gem. This also simplified installation
* Fixed a bug which didn't send URL parameters. eg. would send /index.php instead of /index.php?q=foo
* Improved installation instructions. Henri Salo contacted me to say ruby-dev is required for Anemone
* Removed UTF-8 character in formmail
* Changed require 'md5' to require 'digest/md5' for compatibility with ruby 1.9
* Fixed bug in Tomcat plugin
* Added SilverStripe plugin
* Added DotNetNuke plugin
* Added HTML5 plugin
* Added PHP error plugin
* Modified PHP-Nuke plugin
* Changed the plugin development script, wget-list to retry only twice
* Added proxy support
* Default threads is now 25
* Default max recursive spidering depth is now 10
* Default max number of links to follow on a single page is now 250

Version 0.4 Released March 13th 2010
* Added HTTPS support
* Improved installation instructions
* Improved documentation
* Better compatibility with ruby 1.9. Changed a case statement syntax, changed when 0: to when 0 then.
* Removed UTF-8 characters in plugins that were causing crashes
* Added php-nuke plugin, passively recognises modules
* Added Fluxbb plugin, can identify versions aggressively
* Added meta powered-by plugin. Matches tags like <meta name="powered-by" content="abc/1.23" />
* Added powered by plugin. Matches "Powered by BobsCMS", any text following powered by
* Improved plugin info listing invoked by ./whatweb -I. Shows number of examples and matches, and shows presence of passive and aggressive functions
* Changed output style. Before strings are surrounded by single quotes, now all strings are surrounded by square brackets
* Added OpenCMS plugin submitted by Emilio Casbas
* Added TomCat plugin submitted by Louis Nyffenegger
* Improved meta-generator plugin
* Fixed a bug in processing a target list from a file where a trailing space would be interpreted incorrectly

Version 0.3 Released November 2nd 2009 at Kiwicon III
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