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Exports and object of Apple Podcasts Connect categories. Small dataset module.
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Exports and object of Apple Podcasts Connect categories.


$ npm install podcast-categories


const podcastCategories = require('podcast-categories')
const get = require('lodash.get')

function isValidCategory(category, subcategory) {
  return !!get(podcastCategories, `${category}.${subcategory}`)


Literally exports an object of all valid Apple podcast categories.


module.exports = {
  'Arts': {
    'Design': true,
    'Fashion & Beauty': true,
    'Food': true,
    'Literature': true,
    'Performing Arts': true,
    'Visual Arts': true
  'Business': {
    'Business News': true,
    'Careers': true,
    'Investing': true,
    'Management & Marketing': true,
    'Shopping': true
  'Comedy': {},
  'Education': {
    'Educational Technology': true,
    'Higher Education': true,
    'K-12': true,
    'Language Courses': true,
    'Training': true
  'Games & Hobbies': {
    'Automotive': true,
    'Aviation': true,
    'Hobbies': true,
    'Other Games': true,
    'Video Games': true
  'Government & Organizations': {
    'Local': true,
    'National': true,
    'Non-Profit': true,
    'Regional': true
  'Health': {
    'Alternative Health': true,
    'Fitness & Nutrition': true,
    'Self-Help': true,
    'Sexuality': true
  'Kids & Family': {},
  'Music': {},
  'News & Politics': {},
  'Religion & Spirituality': {
    'Buddhism': true,
    'Christianity': true,
    'Hinduism': true,
    'Islam': true,
    'Judaism': true,
    'Other': true,
    'Spirituality': true
  'Science & Medicine': {
    'Medicine': true,
    'Natural Sciences': true,
    'Social Sciences': true
  'Society & Culture': {
    'History': true,
    'Personal Journals': true,
    'Philosophy': true,
    'Places & Travel': true
  'Sports & Recreation': {
    'Amateur': true,
    'College & High School': true,
    'Outdoor': true,
    'Professional': true
  'Technology': {
    'Gadgets': true,
    'Tech News': true,
    'Podcasting': true,
    'Software How-To': true
  'TV & Film': {}



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