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Unfortunately, the Youtube API has changed since this project was started, rendering some of the documentation of this project out-of-date. I plan to update this at some point, but this probably will not be in the near future. As always, PRs are welcome. 🙂

A small Menu Bar OSX application to sync your Youtube Playlists to your Mac.


For the latest stable version of TubeSync, check the releases page!

Alternatively, if you want the most 'up-to-date' (read 'buggy') version, you can download the master repo and compile the project yourself in XCode.


Using TubeSync is simple:

  1. To add a playlist to the sync watchlist, simply open the preferences window and click on the + near the Playlist table and paste in a youtube playlist URL. (For example, your Watch Later playlist would have the url

  2. Set Automatic Sync Enabled to your prefrence. If you do want to have your playlists synced automatically, you can set the Sync Frequency to define the time interval between syncs.

If you don't have your playlists sync automatically, you can click Sync Now in the main menu or in the right-click menu to manually intiate syncing.

  1. Click on the + near Output Folder to set the root directory where TubeSync will download your playlists.
  2. That's it! You can go back the main menu and click Sync Now to do the initial sync, after which TubeSync will keep the local copy of your videos up-to-date on the automatic time interval you set.

Todo / Possible Further Development

  • 1-off Video Downloads (functionally, just a nice GUI wrapper of Youtube-DL)
  • UI for showing all the videos in a playlist and their download state
  • Expose more of Youtube-DL's flexibility (i.e. Filename templating, sites other than Youtube, mp3 extraction, etc.)


📺 A small Menu Bar OSX application to sync Youtube Playlists to your Mac for offline viewing







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