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📫 Get notified about new issues with specific label


  1. Run npm install -g github-label-notify
  2. Go to the IFTTT Maker Channel, activate the channel, and record your maker key.
  3. Duplicate the template IFTTT recipe - which uses the GMail channel - or setup a new IFTTT recipe that uses the Maker channel with event name new_github_issue as the trigger.
  4. Run glnotify setup and enter your IFTTT key.
  5. Run glnotify add to add repositories and labels to your watch list.
    • Alternatively, you can directly edit watch_list.json
  6. Run glnotify init to mark all current issues as 'read'. This is important. If you do not, running glnotify will spam you with a backlog of notifications.
  7. Run glnotify to start listening for new Github issues per your watchlist.

IFTTT Recipe Template

Event Name:


Email Message:

[Github-Notify] New Issue with labels: {{Value2}}
New Issue: {{Value1}}<br>
Labels: {{Value2}}<br>
Link: {{Value3}}


If you wish to make your own type of notification from github_label_notify, the 'values' given by the module are as follows:

  • Value1: Issue Title + Number
  • Value2: Issue Labels (comma separated)
  • Value3: Link to the Github issue