👷 Repeat TravisCI builds to avoid stale test results
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👷 Repeat TravisCI builds to avoid stale test results

If your project's tests rely on a 3rd party API or service, running your tests at commit time isn't enough. To ensure your projects continue function correctly, you need to regularly run your test suite. travis-build-repeat lets you automate this process with AWS Lambda.

Once setup, travis-build-repeat automatically restarts the latest build of your project on a schedule, so you'll get notified if something breaks.


  1. Clone the repo

  2. Install dependencies

    pip install -r requirements.txt
  3. Copy settings.py.template to settings.py.

    cp settings.py.template settings.py
  4. Create a Github access token here with the following permissions:

    • read:org
    • user:email
    • repo_deployment
    • repo:status
    • write:repo_hook
  5. Set TRAVIS_KEY in settings.py to be this access token.

  6. Add the repos you want to keep updated to TRAVIS_REPOS, with the format username/repo_name

  7. Run zappa deploy to schedule the AWS Lambda functions. (Note: This will require you to have setup your AWS credentials file)

Additional Instructions


If you make an update to your configuration, run zappa update to push those changes to AWS.


If you want to stop travis-build-repeat, run zappa undeploy to unschedule the Lambdas.

Schedule Rate

By default, travis-build-repeat runs daily. If you wish to change this rate, edit the event expression in zappa_settings.json. You can find a description of valid rate expressions here.