Mobile Vikings Home applet for the N900, a quick way to view your MV balance on your N900
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README Some helpful comments for the README, since it is being shown on the … Apr 30, 2011


This is the public git repository for an N900 Mobile Vikings Homescreen Widget, see Mobile Vikings is a Belgian cellular voice/data provider.

This is some VERY Quick&Dirty coding. It *seems* to work for me, which is enough for me. If it works for you: great. Otherwise: too bad! :(
I haven't bothered to make it configurable, or robust, etc.
Furthermore, I almost never coded Python before, and *definitely* never coded Gtk/Gobject/Hildon before, and it certainly shows. It probably is buggy
as hell due to me misunderstanding everything, probably also leaks?

What I really ought to to as a TODO:
* Make more pretty
* View call/topup history in a seperate view?
* What with people with multiple SIMs? (Since I only have 1 SIM, I cannot test this!)