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FFmpeg customized for broadcast and professional usage
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What you can do with FFmbc

  • Import your files in Final Cut Pro, AVID Media Composer, Adobe Premiere
  • Create XDCAM HD422 files in .mov or .mxf
  • Create XDCAM IMX/D-10 files in .mov or .mxf
  • Create AVID DNxHD files in .mov
  • Create DVCPROHD files in .mov or .mxf
  • Create ProRes 422 or 4444 files in .mov
  • Convert V210 Files
  • Convert HD YUV BT709 to SD BT601 and vice versa
  • Convert AVCIntra 50 and 100
  • Convert MPEG-TS files with SMPTE 302M audio
  • Convert AVCHD files correctly
  • Convert ProRes? 422 and 4444 files
  • Rewrap IMX/D-10, AVCHD, DVCPROHD to Quicktime for editing in Final Cut Pro
  • Burn ASS or SRT subtitles files in videos
  • Merge and split your audio tracks
  • Create Quicktime files containing time code tracks
  • Color conversion from HD to SD
  • Read timecode tracks from MXF, Quicktime
  • Creating audio files (mp3 and m4a) with cover art
  • Keep or add covert art when converting your audio files
  • Faststart MP4 for streaming (replace header in front) automatically

Current stable release is version 0.7.3

FFmbc license is GPL v2

Please contact for:

  • consulting work
  • commercial support

Several years of expertise in broadcast codecs: ProRes, DNxHD, IMX/D-10, AVC-Intra, formats: MXF, GXF, MOV and usages: Avid, FCP, interlacing, time code, metadata.

Please support the project by donating. Thanks a lot.

Any help is welcome:

  • Documentation help
  • Wiki pages describing processes and workflow
  • File validation: testing files created by FFmbc with Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere, Sony Vegas, etc...

Please join Freenode irc channel #ffmbc to get online help

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