Version History & Roadmap

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  • Fix some bugs (#17/#18/#20/#21)
  • Merge the org.bcsphere.profiles plugin into the org.bcsphere.bluetooth plugin.
  • Define bc.js as an cordova module, it means index.html no longer need to include the <script src="bc.js"></script> node.
  • Implements some useful services and profiles, such as FindMe & ImmediateAlert
  • All the module object is export into BC namespace,such as BC.FindMeProfile/BC.ImmediateAlertService


  • Implement the Blueototh 2.1 classical RFComm interface in android platform.
  • Separate the standard services into standalone javascript file for optional use.
  • fix the 'bcready' event multi-trigger bug when use the plugin mechanism.
  • The HTC BLE interface is deprecated (see #16)


  • Remove the iBeacon interface from BC.js (iBeacon interfaces has been implement as a plugin now. See here)
  • Implement the plugin mechanism
  • Change the class inheritance hierarchy structure
  • All the event is object oriented now
  • Provide some useful functions to operate the binary data use JavaScript in BC.Tools


  • Bugfixes and stability updates
  • Support iBeacon
  • Support BLE Scan & Operations