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python-gerrit is a Python interface to Gerrit, a code review system
for Git.
DISCLAIMER: Gerrit does not have an official API. This library is a product
of reverse engineering.
APIs exposed
There are three APIs available in python-gerrit:
* rpc - basic JSON-RPC API over HTTP; it has the same functionality
as the standard Gerrit client.
* db - raw access to the database. It understandably needs more
privileges than simple HTTP.
* raw - direct access to the filesystem. It needs local access
to the Gerrit installation.
Most use cases can be satisfied by JSON-RPC alone. There are some
glaring ommisions in the functionality, though, so for things such as
project creation you will need to use db/raw. Check documentation of
corresponding modules for more.
python-gerrit comes with a test suite. In order to run it, you need
to have gerrit installed locally, with full access to its
raw directory and database. Testing is managed by ``py.test``
You can run it by executing::
Tests expects the following environment variables to be set:
* GERRIT_PATH - path to a Gerrit installation
* GERRIT_DB - sqlalchemy URL to the Gerrit database
* GERRIT_GIT - URL to the Gerrit git repository
* GERRIT_URL - URL to the Gerrit HTTP server
* GERRIT_USERNAME - a user the suite with interact as
Check that the provided user has all the privileges required to
submit, vote, comment, and so on.
Also, be sure your Gerrit installation has authentication method set
Brian Waldon
Mike Hordecki