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franckcuny and others added some commits Feb 28, 2012
@franckcuny franckcuny Fix incorrect method name
ChangeDetailService don't have a method named `patchSetDetail`. Should be
calling `changeDetail` instead.
@franckcuny franckcuny Extend `changes` with advanced search parameters
It's possible to search for other things than a project name or status. The
`advanced_search` parameter allow to pass arbitrary parameters to search for:

    changes = client.changes(commit='f70f5e2dfa9476755')


    changes = client.changes(owner='fcuny')

For documentation about the advanced search, refere to
franck cuny Fix method name to get patchset details bc242f5
@bcwaldon bcwaldon and 1 other commented on an outdated diff May 25, 2012
@@ -34,7 +34,7 @@ def authenticate(self, method, **kwargs):
raise error.UnknownAuthenticationMethodError()
- def changes(self, status="open", project=None):
+ def changes(self, status="open", project=None, **advanced_search):
bcwaldon May 25, 2012 Owner

How about we treat project as part of advanced_search? And let's make advanced_search something shorter, just 'search' would work just as well.

franckcuny May 25, 2012 Contributor

yeah, that was also my original thinking, but I didn't want to introduce an incompatible change in the API without checking with you first. Of course, I forgot to ask this when I pushed my changes ...

Anyway, since we're OK on this, I'll update this change.

bcwaldon May 25, 2012 Owner

This library is in no way guaranteeing backwards compatibility at this level at the current time. Nobody is really using this just yet. I plan to refactor quite a bit from where it is now.


I don't mean to rush you, but I wanted to make sure there was another patch coming...


yes sir :) you can expect a patch later this evening or tomorrow

@franckcuny franckcuny Simplify the signature for `rpc.Client.changes`.
Removed `project` from the method signature and renamed `advanced_search` to
`search`.  `project` is can be a field in the `search` dict.  Tests are also
@bcwaldon bcwaldon merged commit 0d97452 into bcwaldon:master Jul 9, 2012
bcwaldon commented Jul 9, 2012

Sorry I let this sit so long! I need to get back on top of this project.

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