This tool provides an interactive shell for reviewing diffs in a git repository. It accepts arguments similar to "git diff" for specifying the diffs to review.
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git-review is a tool for reviewing diffs in a git repository.

It provides a simple CLI for stepping through the modified files, and viewing the differences with an external diff tool. This is very convenient if you prefer using an interactive side-by-side diff viewer. Although you could also use the GIT_EXTERNAL_DIFF environment variable with git diff, git-review provides much more flexibility for moving between files and selecting which versions to diff.


From the root of the source tree, run:

$ python install

Also see the INSTALL file.


git-review uses vimdiff by default. You may set the GIT_REVIEW_DIFF environment variable to point to your favourite diff program.


Enter git-review -? to see the help message. Here are some examples:

To diff commit_a (descendent) against commit_b (ancestor):

$ git-review <commit_b> <commit_a>

To diff the working tree against commit_a:

$ git-review <commit_a>

To diff the index against commit_a:

$ git-review --cached <commit_a>

To diff a particular commit against its immediate parent:

$ git-review -c <commit>

Once git-review is running, you should see a prompt menu. By default, it goes through all the changed files and show the diff one by one. You can enter ? to see all available commands. The prompt also accepts unambiguous command prefixes. Here is an example of a review session:

[dsom:git-review]$ git-review HEAD^
Now processing modified file README.rst
README.rst [diff]> l
0: M README.rst
1: M
2: M src/git-review
README.rst [diff]> go 2
Now processing modified file src/git-review
git-review [diff]> d
git-review [quit]>