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Notelock: A simple terminal note encryption service

Use: notelock [OPTION]... [NOTEBOOK] [message]

Notelock stores notes in "notebooks." Each notebook has entries stored in chronological order. To add an entry to a type notelock [book name] [message], and it will be appended to the notebook with the notebook's password, without the need for password re-entry. If [book name] does not exist, then the user will be prompted to create it [y/n] and asked for an encryption password (twice). notelock -f [book name] [filename] will accept the contents of a file. It will not check for the type of data in the file, so be careful.

To read from a book, put notelock -r [book name]. This will prompt the user for the book's password, and print entries from the book for the last day. The -F option will start looking from the [F]ront of the file, so the first entry will be printed last (and be visible first). The -a option prints all entries.

There is no way to delete entries, and currently no way to edit them.

Features to add:

  • Editing: It seems reasonable to edit entries, at least by appending. This will mean some way to access individual notes.

    • Maybe the -r command will let the user scroll through notes using up/down, and whichever note s/he is currently on can be edited by hitting Enter?
  • Tags: Each note can be stored with a #tag, and books can be searched by tag.

  • Range search: Notes can be filtered by range, with 'notelock --range [start date] [end date]'. Or maybe 'notelock --start [start date] --end [end date]', to allow open-ended ranges.

  • Summary: notelock -l [book name] will list all the days for which there are entries, along with the number of entries for each day.

  • RemoteLock: Have a web server which allows secure, per-user storage and retrieval of notes.


  • Each day stored in a file, YYYY-MM-DD
  • Each entry encrypted seperately, preceeded by auth signiture
  • Each notebook stored in a directory
  • Text stored as unicode


Encrypted note app for the terminal




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