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Commits on Feb 01, 2013
@rbgarga rbgarga Add hw.usb.no_pf=1 to loader.conf to hide usbus# from interfaces list…
…. Fixes #2306
Commits on Feb 03, 2013
@jim-p jim-p Add patch to fix a potential racoon DoS. Ticket #2616 9a43e03
@bcyrill Fix 9b5b3bd
@jim-p jim-p Merge pull request #88 from bcyrill/fix_afterinstall
Commits on Feb 04, 2013
@ermal ermal Actually this meant to be the iface rather than pfi_all adc8bdf
@matsimon matsimon pfPorts/openssl: Sync w. upstream ports r311178, really fixes PADLOCK
Sync with FreeBSD ports, (likely) notable for us:
 - enables optimized NIST ECC on 64-bit
   little-endian machines (r311178)
 - fixes PADLOCK support (r311452)

While we had an interim fix for working PADLOCK support, it would
we would have had to manually re-fix stuff or o a local fix on regular

The problem was reported upstream, and completes our local interim
fix for PADLOCK support in a hopefully more durable way also for
native FreeBSD consumers. (PR 175622, thanks dinoex@)
@matsimon matsimon pfPorts: Minor php52 subport sync / typo correction
Small sync with FreeBSD ports only regarding
- Header (since switch to SVN)
- Copy-paste error (space vs. tab)

This is in hope to make smaller chunks for updating/syncing
the php52 and have smaller commits and make things more obvious
instead of large chunks.
@jim-p jim-p Merge pull request #89 from matsimon/openssl-sync
pfPorts/openssl: Sync w. upstream ports r311178, really fixes PADLOCK
@jim-p jim-p Merge pull request #90 from matsimon/releng/2.0/php52-sync
pfPorts: Minor php52 subport sync / typo correction
@matsimon matsimon pfPorts/php52-ctype: Fix missed typos
Should have been included with the cleanup in, but was missed:
@matsimon matsimon pfPorts/php52-pcre, cherry-pick "Bump pcre library dependency due to …
…8.30 update Add"

(vendor) patch for deprecated pcre_info()

Obtained from FreeBSD ports
@matsimon matsimon pfPorts/php52-shmop: Fix/sync typos from ports
Also this one was missed when syncing with upstream.
@matsimon matsimon pfPorts/php52-*: Sync modules with ports to where needed.
Most of these changes have been made in upstream ports commit 296046 and
I think we should include them once including php52 with extra backports.

With this commit all php52 extensions should be in sync with upstream,
the only notable exception being the openssl extension which contains
extra patches.

Author: rm <>
Date:   Sat May 5 15:18:09 2012 +0000

    - apply BACKPORTS patch unconditionally and remove BACKPORTS option
    - update backports patch to latest version (20120504)
    - align pathnames in slave ports

    The only drawback of this change is that now for building of every slave
    port (php extension) we extracting full php52 source tree.

    Apologies that it took that long.

    PR:         164849
    Submitted by:       Svyatoslav Lempert <svyatoslav.lempert at gmail dot com>
    Approved by:        Alex Keda <admin at lissyara dot su>
    Security:   60de13d5-95f0-11e1-806a-001143cd36d8
@matsimon matsimon pfPorts/php52: Clean + sync against ports r308630, refs #2787
Bump our port revision von to 13, includes security backports from
the php52 backports project. FreeBSD will deprecate this port in
2013, sync it perhaps one last time for improved security.

Remaining local changes:
 - Set PHP_EXT_DIR=20060613
   - pfsense-tools commit: c4a11c9
 - Build pcre in statically
   - pfsense-tools commit: a21f62f
 - Override cgi
   - pfsense-tools commit: c219e2b)
 - Overwrite standard php with cgi version
   - pfsense-tools commit: 16e43a0
   - Build CLI version is now on by default

General notes:
A couple of references to depending libraries like odbc have
been bumped, but we (by default) don't enable them, no worries

Removes/syncs typos like space vs. tab.
@ermal ermal Merge pull request #91 from matsimon/releng/2.0/php52-sync
Releng/2.0/php52 sync
Commits on Feb 05, 2013
@ermal ermal Correct killifstates patch to actually cover all replacements to pfi_…
…all. Pointy-hat: myself
@ermal ermal Remove this since its not the intended fix. d15c8be
@ermal ermal Mark commands as aggregateble or not to avoid issues described in #2792 9a9e79d
@ermal ermal Actually properly mark non-aggregatable ones 98c8137
@jim-p jim-p Fix php52 openssl patches 2022c5a
Commits on Feb 06, 2013
@jim-p jim-p Bump to OpenSSL 1.0.1d to fix the issues outlined in http://www.opens… dd95ae2
@elevendroids elevendroids Fixed NetFlow v9 flow data misalignment
NetFlow v9 flow data has to be aligned on a 32 bit boundary by inserting padding at the end of the flowset.
In pfSense 2.0, every even flow in a NetFlow v9 flowset is shifted by two bytes. Those extra bytes are added by the compiler, which aligns NF9_IPV4_DATA on a 4-byte boundary (42 bytes -> 44 bytes)

Adding "packed" attribute fixed this issue.
Verified using Wireshark and Plixer Scrutinizer.
Commits on Feb 07, 2013
@jim-p jim-p Merge pull request #92 from elevendroids/patch-1
Fixed NetFlow v9 flow data misalignment
@rbgarga rbgarga Fix pftop segfault when try to change order on a view that doesn't su…
…pport it. Patch submitted to port maintainer
@matsimon matsimon pfPorts/openssl: Sync with FreeBSD ports (r311793)
Sync the port with upstream (who also has 1.0.1d now) but made
other minor changes. Sole difference staying is that we enable
PADLOCK support by default.
@ermal ermal Merge pull request #93 from matsimon/minor-syncs
pfPorts/openssl: Sync with FreeBSD ports (r311793)
@ermal ermal Less things in built packages is better no? c05dd98
@ermal ermal Readd altq patch for vlan. Fixes #2349 b983c67
@ermal ermal Add patch to resolve issue on larger than 2GB memory on i386 for sett…
…ing correct table limits. Fixes #2760
@ermal ermal Do not try to be so locky ratehr just do what its supposed to be done…
…. Open and read the serial device for any pattern. Fixes #2433
Commits on Feb 09, 2013
@ermal ermal Add fix for openssl. Rpeorted-by:… 00aaea8
@jim-p jim-p Try to fix up the OS type in the .ovf files to properly reflect 32 vs…
… 64 bit.
Commits on Feb 10, 2013
@jim-p jim-p Add pfPorts for an older version of the virtualbox port that actually…
… compiles on FreeBSD 8.1 since none exist in the ports tree anymore. Add code to check for FreeBSD 8.1 and direct it to use the pfPort instead of the normal ports version.
Commits on Feb 12, 2013
@ermal ermal Teach about a -G parameter to pfctl -i ifname -Fs -G gateway to kill …
…all states with the gateway set to help #1629
@ermal ermal Correct patch applying to avoid fuzzy. It also need p1 now after rege…
@ermal ermal Do not rely on fuzzy 4ccb5ce
@ermal ermal Make patch apply cleanly after latest changes b85ace4
@jim-p jim-p Welcome OpenSSL 1.0.1e 29f7664
@rbgarga rbgarga Remove custom xdebug and use latest version from ports. It fixes #2500 b7b2e3d
Commits on Feb 13, 2013
@ermal ermal Catch-up forgotten filterdns for the changes on ipfw for 2.1 pfSense bdd811a