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base fork: bcyrill/pfsense
head fork: bcyrill/pfsense
Commits on Feb 13, 2013
@jim-p jim-p Add a knob in the GUI to set the RADIUS authentication timeout. Previ…
…ous default was 3s, new is 5s. When using two-factor auth via external (e.g. phone), this needs to be set much higher, 60-120.
@ermal ermal During bootup do not try to resolve hostnames filterdns will handle t…
@ermal ermal Remove dead code c7ada97
@ermal ermal Refine the test for Ticket #2451 to check for aliases as well 72f2551
@ermal ermal Two interfaces, carp, ip aliases might be on the same subnet as their…
… parent. What needs to be checked is the ip itself
@rbgarga rbgarga Restore require_once( on get_configured_ip_addresses()…
…, it's required by get_interface_ip()
@rbgarga rbgarga Deal correct with bitmask for ipv6 on destination, same we did for sr…
…c. If fixes #2451
Commits on Feb 14, 2013
@ermal ermal Check for the right function name since the previous was present in u…
… not
@ermal ermal Also do checks for ipv6 on is_ipaddr_configured 1e5da31
@rbgarga rbgarga Set global $g to use right theme 80feb8e
@rbgarga rbgarga Fix rrd display when captive portal is enabled 8878f4b
@rbgarga rbgarga Set $interfacegw properly and avoid losing default route in some circ…
Warren Baker Backout Unbound for now bring back in 2.2. Fixes #2817 950c9a1
Warren Baker Keep Unbound here for syslog messages 120404e
Warren Baker Add privileges to CP 'Allowed hostnames' and fix a typo on edit IPs 2ccc41c
@miken32 miken32 add support for RADIUS NAS accounting, fixes redmine feature request …
@miken32 miken32 whitespace fixes cf2859f
Commits on Feb 15, 2013
@miken32 miken32 only send Accounting-On at boot; can't tell if CP's being newly enabl…
…ed or not
@miken32 miken32 use associative array for captive portal to prevent confusion, messin…
…ess, and abuse
@miken32 miken32 while we're here, send named termination causes 00109fe
@miken32 miken32 self-explanatory now, no comments needed f1ab195
Warren Baker Merge pull request #236 from miken32/nas_accounting
NAS accounting
@rbgarga rbgarga Merge pull request #417 from miken32/cp-database-fix
Use associative array for captive portal database
@rbgarga rbgarga Treat openvpn tunnel IPs as local IPs and prevent warning on login pa…
…ge when acessing it using tun IP address. Fixes #1681
@rbgarga rbgarga Fix #2818. Save information about all phase1 on ipsecpinghosts instea…
…d of only the last one
@rbgarga rbgarga Remove invallid option 'none' for IPSec Phase 2. Fixes #2816 508799c
@jim-p jim-p Add php shell scripts to (en|dis)able carp. c6e83f5
@rbgarga rbgarga Restart snmpd on rc.newwanip. It should fix #2756 7790196