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Biodiversity Visualization Dashboards.
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The goal of dashboard.demo is to provide an interactive shiny package that allows user to visualize different aspect of bioDiversity data such as temporal, taxonomic and spatial without worring about coding. This package provides feature to upload and download datasets, a special tab dedicated to view summary of data. User can also use pre-existing datasets to get familiarize with dashboard.demo without worring about data. Each tab is dedicated to different field of visualization for easy navigation.


You can install the development version of dashboard.demo from GitHub with:

# install.packages("devtools")

Using dashboard.demo

Follow these steps to run dashboard.demo

## Run the code to open dashboard.demo

dashboard.demo Overview

DataInput Tab

DataInput tab is dedicated for dataset selection. Fill required fields and click on query Database to download records. User can also upload their own dataset.

DataInput Tab

DataSummart Tab

DataSummary tab is made to give an overview of your dataset before visualization. User can click on each tab to get summary of related fields.


Missing Data Tab

This tab helps user to get % of missing records. Each tab contains related columns.

Missing Data

Spatial Tab

Spatial Tab is dedicated to space related visualizations such as location, countries, etc. If you want to see data of a perticular country, click on bar of that country. After that Aaa other plots will show data collected from that country only. Note: Double click at black area of bar chart to reset all graphs.


Taxonomic Tab

Taxonomic Tab is designed to visualize the taxonomy of data. Two bar graphs are used to filter the records. Select column of your choice and then click on records you want to filter data with.


Temporal Tab

This tab is to visualize time related data.


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