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#pragma once
#include <array>
#include <memory>
#include "buffers.h"
#include "color.h"
#include "mathutil.h"
#include "meshdata.h"
#include "mesh.h"
#include "texture.h"
#include "vector2.h"
namespace dukat
class Game3;
class MeshInstance;
class Renderer3;
// Wave Mesh implementation. (Based on Chapter 1 of GPU Gems)
// Wave effect is generated by a combination of vertex shader displacement (geo waves)
// and wave texture rendered via framebuffer (tex waves).
class WaveMesh : public Mesh
static constexpr float grav_constant = 30.0f;
static constexpr int num_geo_waves = 4;
static constexpr int num_bump_per_pass = 4;
static constexpr int num_tex_waves = 16;
static constexpr int num_bump_passes = num_tex_waves / num_bump_per_pass;
static constexpr int texture_size = 256;
struct GeoWaveDesc
float phase;
float amp;
float len;
float freq;
float fade;
float dirx;
float diry;
float dirz; // padding
struct GeoState
float chop;
float angle_deviation;
Vector2 wind_dir;
float max_length;
float min_length;
float amp_over_len;
float spec_atten;
float spec_end;
float spec_trans;
float env_radius;
float water_level;
int trans_idx;
float trans_del;
struct TexWaveDesc
float phase;
float amp;
float len;
float speed;
float freq;
Vector2 dir;
Vector2 rot_scale;
float fade;
struct TexState
float noise;
float chop;
float angle_deviation;
Vector2 wind_dir;
float max_length;
float min_length;
float amp_over_len;
float ripple_scale;
float speed_deviation;
int trans_idx;
float trans_del;
Game3* game;
Texture* env_map; // Environment cube map used for reflection
Texture* elev_map; // Elevation sampler used to determine wave height above ground
Color water_tint; // Base water color
// Geo waves
GeoState geo_state;
std::array<GeoWaveDesc, num_geo_waves> geo_waves;
std::unique_ptr<MeshData> grid_mesh; // grid mesh for geometry waves
ShaderProgram* grid_program; // program used for geometry waves
// Tex waves
TexState tex_state;
std::array<TexWaveDesc, num_tex_waves> tex_waves;
std::unique_ptr<FrameBuffer> fbo; // frame buffer object
ShaderProgram* fb_program; // program used during framebuffer render pass
std::unique_ptr<MeshData> fb_quad; // quad mesh used during framebuffer render pass
std::unique_ptr<Texture> fb_texture; // texture written to during framebuffer pass
std::unique_ptr<Texture> cos_texture; // 1D cosine lookup table
std::unique_ptr<Texture> noise_texture; // 2D noise texture
// Creates cosine lookup table.
void init_cos_table(void);
void init_geo_wave(int i);
void init_tex_wave(int i);
void update_framebuffer(Renderer* renderer);
const int grid_size; // width / length of wave grid
float tile_spacing; // size of grid tiles
float scale_factor; // elevation scale factor (of elevation map)
WaveMesh(Game3* game, int size);
~WaveMesh(void) { }
void reset_state(void);
void init_waves(void);
void update(float delta);
void render(Renderer* renderer);
// Water level
void set_water_level(float value) { geo_state.water_level = value; }
float get_water_level(void) const { return geo_state.water_level; }
// Geo wave height
void set_geo_wave_height(float value) { geo_state.amp_over_len = value; clamp(geo_state.amp_over_len, 0.0f, 0.1f); }
float get_geo_wave_height(void) const { return geo_state.amp_over_len; }
// Geo wave choppiness
void set_geo_wave_chop(float value) { geo_state.chop = value; clamp(geo_state.chop, 0.0f, 4.0f); }
float get_geo_wave_chop(void) const { return geo_state.chop; }
// Geo angle deviation
void set_geo_angle_dev(float value) { geo_state.angle_deviation = value; clamp(geo_state.angle_deviation, 0.0f, 180.0f); }
float get_geo_angle_dev(void) const { return geo_state.angle_deviation; }
// Geo env radius
void set_geo_env_radius(float value) { geo_state.env_radius = value; clamp(geo_state.env_radius, 100.0f, 10000.0f); }
float get_geo_env_radius(void) const { return geo_state.env_radius; }
// Texture wave height
void set_tex_wave_height(float value) { tex_state.amp_over_len = value; clamp(tex_state.amp_over_len, 0.0f, 0.5f); }
float get_tex_wave_height(void) const { return tex_state.amp_over_len; }
// Texture scale
void set_tex_scale(float value) { tex_state.ripple_scale = value; clamp(tex_state.ripple_scale, 5.0f, 50.0f); }
float get_tex_scale(void) const { return tex_state.ripple_scale; }
// Texture noise
void set_tex_noise(float value) { tex_state.noise = value; clamp(tex_state.noise, 0.0f, 1.0f); }
float get_tex_noise(void) const { return tex_state.noise; }
// Texture angle deviation
void set_tex_angle_dev(float value) { tex_state.angle_deviation = value; clamp(tex_state.angle_deviation, 0.0f, 180.0f); }
float get_tex_angle_dev(void) const { return tex_state.angle_deviation; }
// Wind direction (geo and texture)
void set_wind_dir(const Vector2& wind_dir) { geo_state.wind_dir = wind_dir; tex_state.wind_dir = wind_dir; }
// Wave tint
void set_water_tint(const Color& color) { this->water_tint = color; }
Color get_water_tint(void) const { return water_tint; }
// Texture access
Texture* get_wave_texture(void) const { return fb_texture.get(); }
void set_env_map(Texture* env_map) { this->env_map = env_map; }
void set_elevation_map(Texture* elev_map) { this->elev_map = elev_map; }
// Samples normalized elevation at a given set of coordinates.
float sample(float x, float y) const;