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The Guy Behind This Website
A short summary about this website and the guy who runs it.
about, petar, radosevic, wunki, setup, dotfiles, github, emacs, vim


Headphones, Coding, Happy.

Wunki is written by Petar Radošević, a '82 born Croatian living in the Netherlands. If a persons reflection can be shown by the things they enjoy doing in live, mine would be programming, reading books, running and watching a movie with my girl.

Another part of my life evolves around Bread and Pepper. A company Wouter, Joeri and I started in 2009. We focus on developing software which is spicy on the backend, but simple on the frontend.


Most of the tools I use are open source and I love the open culture of software development. Take a look at my Github page to find django-userena, an account management application for Django, my dotfiles and some random bytes.

I do most my work on OSX or ArchLinux, staying in my editor Emacs. Favourite software is 1Password that generates a random password for every service that I use. Chrome for browsing the web and Org mode to manage my tasks. Most of the day I'm listening to or Somafm radio.


I develop on my Macbook Pro (2011) with enough RAM and a SSD harddisk. I keep my servers running on FreeBSD. My periphials are a non-printed, black HHKB II Proff. keyboard -- used for typing in Dvorak -- and Sennheiser HD 380 Pro headphone.

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