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a Ruby implementation of the Citation Style Language (CSL)
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citeproc-rb README

NB: citeproc-rb is currently incomplete and error-prone. Please check regularly for updates.


citeproc-rb is a Ruby port of Citeproc, a process for converting citations into a variety of formats using a macro language called Citation Style Language (CSL). For more details on Citeproc and CSL, please check

citeproc-rb itself is currently designed to citations in two formats: an internal CSL model and Bibliontology (http://bibliontology). Bibliontology itself is designed to support a range of additional formats, such as BibTeX, greatly extending the range of formats supported.

The basic classes of Citeproc-rb is as follows:

: the main process for Citeproc; controls the processing pipeline

InputFilter : converts input sources and provides a standard interface for retrieving citation data

Csl : the CSL object model

CslParser : parses CSL rules into an object model

CslProcessor : processes citations according to the CSL rules

BaseFormatter : formats citations in plain text

: XhtmlFormatter - formats citations in XHTML

Together these classes form a processing pipeline: the Citeproc controls filtering citations input; the parsing of CSL rules; and formatting the citations according to the rules.

The InputFilter class provides some basic services but is designed to be sub-classed for particular input formats.




To use the internal CSL model with JSON:

ruby examples/citeproc_driver.rb --input test/fixtures/csl_test_data.json --content-type json --csl data/styles/ama.csl

With YAML:

ruby examples/citeproc_driver.rb --input test/fixtures/csl_test_data.yaml --content-type yaml --csl data/styles/ama.csl

To use Bibliontology data, again with YAML (but note the YAML includes class specifications):

ruby examples/citeproc_driver.rb --input-filter bibo --input test/fixtures/bibo_test_data.yaml --content-type yaml --csl data/styles/ama.csl

With RDF (presumes Redland with Ruby bindings is installed):

ruby examples/citeproc_driver.rb --input-filter bibo --input test/fixtures/bibo_test_data.xml --content-type rdf --csl data/styles/ama.csl


You can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same term as Ruby.

Liam Magee

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