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require "rake/rdoctask"
require "rake/testtask"
require "rake/gempackagetask"
require "rubygems"
dir = File.dirname(__FILE__)
lib = File.join(dir, "lib", "citeproc.rb")
version ='VERSION').chomp
task :default => [:test] do |test|
test.libs << "test"
test.test_files = [ "test/test_all.rb" ]
test.verbose = true
end do |rdoc|
rdoc.rdoc_files.include( "README", "VERSION", "lib/" )
rdoc.main = "README"
rdoc.rdoc_dir = "doc/html"
rdoc.title = "Citeproc-rb Documentation"
spec = do |spec| = "citeproc-rb"
spec.version = version
spec.platform = Gem::Platform::RUBY
spec.summary = "Citeproc-rb is a Ruby port of the ."
spec.files = Dir.glob("{data,examples,lib,test}/**/*.{rb,csl,xml,n3,rdf,json,yaml}").
delete_if { |item| item.include?(".svn") } +
spec.test_suite_file = "test/test_all.rb"
spec.has_rdoc = true
spec.extra_rdoc_files = %w{README TODO VERSION}
spec.rdoc_options << '--title' << 'Citeproc-rb Documentation' <<
'--main' << 'README'
spec.require_path = 'lib' = "Liam Magee" = ""
spec.homepage = ""
spec.description = <<END_DESC
Citeproc-rb is a Ruby port of Citeproc, a process for converting citations
into a variety of formats using a macro language called Citation Style Language
(CSL). For more details on Citeproc and CSL, please check
end do |pkg|
pkg.need_zip = true
pkg.need_tar = true
desc "Show library's code statistics"
task :stats do
require 'code_statistics' ["Citeproc-rb", "lib"],
["Functionals", "examples"],
["Units", "test"] ).to_s
desc "Add new files to Subversion"
task :add_to_svn do
sh %Q{svn status | ruby -nae 'system "svn add \#{$F[1]}" if $F[0] == "?"' }
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