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% Issues You May Run Across in Teaching % Bruce D'Arcus

Following are a list of scenarios you may encounter in dealing with students and instructors.

  1. Student asks you a question about course material, but you are unsure of the correct answer. It is important you inspire confidence in your students that you are in command of the material. Yet it is also important that you provide them correct information.

  2. Student comes to your office and complains about the grade you gave them on an assignment. Your job is both to maintain consistent standards, but more importantly to help students learn.

  3. A group of students are being disruptive in class; obviously not paying attention to what is going on, and distracting other students. If you ignore them, you are certain to encourage the same behavior in the future. If you call them out in front of the class, you may embarrass them (and interestingly, annoy their colleagues as well).

  4. In a discussion session: you present the class what you think to be an insightful question about the course material, but are met with absolute silence. How do you draw students into a meaningful, engaged, conversation?

  5. Instructor gives you instructions about how to grade an assignment. You believe you follow their instructions correctly. You find out later that the instructor has changed a grade on an assignment after a student complaint.