Course content for an introduction to human geography course.
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This is an experiment in open content mini-textbook for an introduction to geography course, but designed for the web.


This project is not intended to recreate the traditional kitchen-sink approach to contemporary physical textbooks, but instead to do two things:

  1. to provide focused, readable, dynamic, and remixable content
  2. to do so using the latest technology standards

More concretely, the text will include:

  • no fluff at all; the focus is on providing a tight, coherent, argument
  • contemporary examples that are constantly updated
  • dynamic data and visualizations where appropriate and practical

See project wiki for more information.

Technology and Standards

This project is focused on clean content, and open standards. It will not involve:

  • any "Educational Standards", which I find outdated and too complicated (no SCORM, for example)
  • Flash (buggy, proprietary, doesn't work on all platforms)
  • support for old browsers (Chrome 10+, Firefox 3+, Safari, IE 9+ only)


  • text will be written in a simple markdown format (pandoc will be used to convert this to different output formats)
  • primary output target is HTML5
  • where dynamic functionality is needed, it will be done using Javascript
  • where vector graphics are needed, it will be done using SVG or Canvas (in that order of preference)


This project is pretty much designed to make my life easier. As such, it relies on the power of git and the convenience of github to keep track of revisions, publish content, and so forth. All of this power is not necessarily intuitive for people without background in software development, however.

But github has a new feature that allows people to contribute without having to mess with things like commandlines. If you have a suggested change to any of the content here, you can simply click the "edit this file" link, and make your suggested changes. I will review the changes, and integrate them if they fit. Your changes will then be part of the revision history.


All content here is licensed under the CC-BY-SA license. Any contributions will be understood to be under the same terms.