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## Mad Men: The John Birch Society and Cold War Geopolitics
-Robert H. Welch founded the John Birch Society in 1951, with the
-purpose of providing an organizational home to his ideas.
-The name of the John Birch Society is significant.
+Robert H. Welch founded the John Birch Society at a meeting in
+Indianapolis in 1951, with the purpose of providing an organizational
+home to his ideas. He published the text of his talks subsequently in
+_The Blue Book_. In it, Welch argued that Communism was a mortal
+danger to the United States and its democratic allies, and that this
+danger was root in a expansive and secretive global conspiracy that
+sought to create a global Communist government. He was evidence of
+this conspiracy everywhere: from peasant movements half-way around the
+world, to the actions of domestic politicians and media figures.
+Welch named the Society after John Birch, who was a U.S. military
+intelligence officer and what Welch described as "a fundamentalist
+Baptist missionary" killed by Chinese Red Army troops in 1945. For
+Welch, Birch was thus a martyr for this emerging Cold War, and hence a
+symbol of this struggle.
## From Academic Geographer to Public Intellectual

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