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# Conclusion
It's hard to avoid recognizing parallels in the stories of the right
-in the early 21st century. Her the trope of the terrorist has largely
-replaced that of the Communist, but the theme of conspiracy
-remains. Consider the raft of local and state laws barring the
-imposition of Sharia Law.
+in the early 21st century. Today the figure of the terrorist, and a
+global jihad, has largely replaced that of the Communist, but the
+theme of a global conspiracy threatening local freedom and diversity
+Consider the raft of local and state laws barring the imposition of
+Sharia Law.
+Or the continued concern with the United Nations.
+The engagement of geographers, and geographic ideas, in these popular
+intellectual developments is worthy of further attention.
+More broadly, this case sheds further light on the intellectual
+history of a discipline. Intellectual historians of geography have
+often noted the impact of the Cold War on the shape of intellectual
+inquiry, but often focused on the Leftward tack that many geographers
+took. David Harvey, **, ** and others all turned away from what they
+saw as the disinterested positivism they saw as dominant at the
+time. But other geographers took quite different paths instead.
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