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Robert H. Welch founded the John Birch Society in 1951, with the
purpose of providing an organizational home to his ideas.
+The name of the John Birch Society is significant.
## From Academic Geographer to Public Intellectual
+The following explores more in-depth the discourse of Huck's public
+writing in _American Opinion_. In it, I identify three common topics
+that, if superficially rather distinct, are bound together by a common
+theme about a global conspiracy to create a _New World Order_; a trope
+that continues to be prominent in contemporary right wing
+discourse. While Huck clearly adopted this larger narrative to provide
+an explanatory framework for her writing that resonated with her
+audience, she also supported this geopolitical story with analytical
+arguments that appear to have drawn from her academic geographic
+training. While she was highly critical of American academia, then,
+she nevertheless relied on it to provide intellectual weight to her
### International Geopolitics
### Domestic Politics
### A New World Order

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