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@@ -80,5 +80,5 @@ discussion of the connections among legal rights, sovereignty, and
space. I then move on to examine the development of extraordinary
rendition in larger historical-geographical context. Finally, I
examine how Bush Administration lawyers framed these developments
-using a very particular framing of legal-territorial logic.
+using a very particular argument about legal-territorial logic.
@@ -58,6 +58,28 @@ obligations. In short, they largely achieved through territorial means what
would otherwise happen by topographic intervention (for example,
suspending law within domestic territory).
+For the next five months after his arrival in Afghanistan, like many
+others, Khalid El-Masri simply disappeared to everyone that had ever
+known him. And just as quickly as the border guards pulled him off
+that bus in Skopje, he found himself on a plane out of
+Afghanistan. Again in this own words (El Masri, 2005):
+> On May 28, I was led out of my cell, blindfolded and handcuffed. I
+ was put on a plane and chained to the seat.... When the plane
+ landed, I was placed in a car, still blindfolded, and driven up and
+ down mountains for hours. Eventually, I was removed from the car and
+ my blindfold removed. My captors gave me my passport and belongings,
+ sliced off my handcuffs, and told me to walk down a dark, deserted
+ road and not to look back. I believed I would be shot in the back
+ and left to die, but when I turned the bend, there were armed men
+ who asked me why I was in Albania and took my passport. The
+ Albanians took me to the airport, and only when the plane took off
+ did I believe I was actually returning to Germany. When I returned I
+ had long hair and beard, and had lost 40 pounds. My wife and
+ children had left our house in Ulm, believing I had left them and
+ was not coming back.

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