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@@ -38,7 +38,10 @@ repository you must run `git submodule update --init`, and re-run
work (together with `.pth` files like `third_party/tornado.pth`).
Simply point your `PYTHONPATH` at the directory containing
`` and `third_party` will be added to the path
+automatically. The magic that makes this work is the site module,
+see The site module is imported when
+python is initialized, it appends site-specific paths to the module search
`production` directory
@@ -76,4 +79,4 @@ Usage notes
* Use `supervisorctl status` to check on the status of the process. Once
the program starts its logs are written to `~/logs`, but if it crashes on
startup you'll have to ask supervisor for the output: `supervisorctl tail
- chat:chat-8000 stderr`
+ chat:chat-8000 stderr`

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