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# App Engine tests require the SDK to be installed separately.
# Version 1.6.1 or newer is required (older versions don't work when
# python is run from a virtualenv)
# These are currently excluded from the main tox.ini because their
# logs are spammy and they're a little flaky.
envlist = py27-appengine
changedir = {toxworkdir}
# py25-appengine was broken by the addition of unittest2. Need to figure
# out a way to smuggle unittest2 into the appengine environment if we don't
# drop py25 support.
basepython = python2.5
commands = python {toxinidir}/py25/ {posargs:}
deps = unittest2
basepython = python2.7
commands = python {toxinidir}/py27/ {posargs:}
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