Python implementation of HOTP, TOTP and OCRA algorithms from OATH
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Python OATH
python-oath is a package implementing the three main OATH specifications:
  • HOTP, an event based one-time password standard -- OTP -- using HMAC signatures,
  • TOTP, a time based OTP,
  • OCRA, a mixed OTP / signature system based on HOTP for complex use cases.

It's Python 3 ready.

Getting started

The main APIs are:

  • hotp, to generate a password.
  • accept_hotp, to check a received password,
  • totp and accept_totp, the same for the TOTP standard.
  • GoogleAuthenticator to parse Google Authenticator URI
  • from_b32key to create a a GoogleAuthenticator object from a simple base32 key