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Fake text, powered by Markov chains
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Fake text, powered by Markov chains

npm version

markov-chains-text is a simple, Markov chain-based text generator written in JavaScript, and designed for both Node and the browser. It can be used to generate random sentences modeled after a large corpus of text.

Table of Contents


import { readFileSync } from 'fs';
import path from 'path';
import Text from 'markov-chains-text';

const MobyDick = readFileSync(path.join(__dirname, 'moby-dick.txt'));

// build the generator
const fakeMobyDick = new Text(MobyDick);

// generate a sentence
const sentence = fakeMobyDick.makeSentence();


// Example output:
//   And as the Porpoise is the harpooneer might be his immediate purpose,
//   touching his own kith and kin to noble Benjamin--this day darting the
//   barbed iron from one to the captain dared not attempt, he snatched the
//   rope attached to it--for they were humbug.

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Installation & Usage


markov-chains-text relies on Maps and Generators, which are available natively in Node v4.0 and above, and in modern versions of many browsers.

For a list of JavaScript environments that support these features, see the ECMAScript Compatability Table.


npm install --save markov-chains-text

Usage (ES6+)

import Text from 'markov-chains-text';
const fakeText = new Text(/* corpus: string */);

Usage (CommonJS)

var Text = require('markov-chains-text').default;
var fakeText = new Text(/* corpus: string */);

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API Reference

Coming Soon

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Pull requests are always welcome!


The following npm scripts are available for use during development:

Command Use to...
npm run clean Remove the dist/ files
npm run lint Lint the files in src/
npm run build Transpile the code with babel


markov-chains-text uses tape for testing.

To run the tests, just run npm test at the command line.

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See Also

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markov-chains-text is licensed under the MIT License.

For details, please see the LICENSE file.

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