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Recurring Subscriptions Billing using Stripe API

Clone the project

Clone the project at:

git clone

Setting up the project

Rename the .env.example to .env. We will replace the variables in the file one-by-one.


Set up Stripe

  1. Create a new Stripe account here.
  2. Add a name for your account by clicking the Add a name button on the top left.
  3. Copy Secret Key under Developers > API Keys and paste in .env file as the STRIPE_SECRET_KEY.
  4. Replace the publishableKey in public/js/account.js with your own from Developers > API Keys.

Add products: Basic and Pro

  1. Add a new product by clicking on the Product button on the left side. Call the first one, Product – Basic. Set the Pricing to $10.00 CAD and Recurring. Set the Billing period to Monthly.


  1. Copy the Price API ID and assign it to PRODUCT_BASIC in the .env file.

  2. Repeat the process above for Product – Pro at $12.00 CAD, Recurring, and Monthly.

  3. Copy the Price API ID and assign it to PRODUCT_PRO in the .env file.

  4. Set a Trial Period with the TRIAL_DAYS in the .env file.

Start the MongoDB

Install MongoDB Community Edition from here. Run it by using,


The Mongo Server will start running at mongodb://localhost: 27017. We will use the users collection to save the customer information.

If you have an external Mongo server running, replace the default connection string referenced in the MONGODB in .env file.

Set up the Stripe Webhook

Download Stripe CLI.

stripe listen --forward-to localhost:4242/webhook

Copy the webhook secret and assign it to STRIPE_WEBHOOK_SECRET in .env file.


npm start