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A LEGO data visualizer.


Install all of these onto your system before proceeding.

  • UNIX realpath


Before you can start using this web application, you need to obtain all of the necessary data files.

We created a series of scripts to automatically scrape/download most of the necessary data files and images from the web. The script downloaded csv and image files from However, since the creation of this application, Rebrickable has changed their website and the schema of their CSV data, so the download scripts are out-of-date. If they were up-to-date, you would do the following:

Obsolete script usage

To download all of the data needed for this project, run the following:

cd scripts/

This will create a directory called scripts/download/, in which resides all of the csv data and images needed for this web application. Note that this works on linux systems only. This script downloads a lot of images, and could take up to 2-3 hours. Only run this if you can't copy the data from someone else.

Once all of the data is downloaded, copy the download directory into client. There is still one more file to generate: tsne.json. To generate this:

  • Start up a localhost web server to run the client (see the Client setup section)
  • Navigate to localhost:XXXX/gen-tsne.html.
  • Open up the Javascript console on this page to see the progress logs.
  • After running for 1-2 minutes, the tsne.js file will be ready, and the page will ask you were you would like to save it to.
  • Place tsne.js in client/download.

Pre-packaged Data

Because the download scripts are obsolete, all of the data (including tsne.json) is available as a Google Drive download. The link is below (you might need to request access):

Download, unzip, name the directory download, and place it in client.

Client setup

First, Make sure that you place the download directory created by running the aforementioned scripts into client/. Start up an http server to see the client web-page. Any server will do. If your running n your local machine, probably the easiest way is to cd into client/ and the execute python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8000. This starts a server on localhost on port 8000. To access the content it is serving, go to http://localhost:8000 in your web-browser.

Client Files and Directories

  • index.html - The main homepage of the web application. Load this to see LEGO-vis!
  • gen-tsne.html - Use to generate tsne.json, which is used by the application.
  • download - the CSV, JSON, and image files used by the application.
  • lib - Place to keep (mostly js) libraries.
  • style - Place to keep style (CSS) and image resources.
  • old - Old code that is probably not necessary to keep around anymore, but we do anyways.
  • vis - HTML and JS files that show alternate LEGO visualizations. At least one of these does not work properly.


See this live here


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