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The last free wurfl.xml data file

The license change of the wurfl.xml data file was announced on on August 30th, 2011 [1] but for some reason the project's SourceForge site [2] only has a much older version than that.

I believe the version found here is the last free version of wurfl.xml, so I'm posting it here to make sure this valuable resource doesn't get lost.

The md5 of that 2011-04-24-wurfl.xml file is 7542a6dc74c4c25b3026f94dce62489f

The md5 of the accompanying 2011-04-24-web_browsers_patch.xml file is 00b5fb83e8e83a1d2887dbceea7e6a6c - that file doesn't contain license information but if seems safe to assume that its license is the same as that of the main wurfl.xml file.

Note that although (as clearly indicated in the file comments) this particular version of wurfl.xml has a liberal license, later versions of the same file have a different license.