A distributed lock system using websocket and Redis
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POC Distributed lock

This is a POC to have distributed lock system.

  1. The client (a javascript application running in a browser) open a session, all the locks will be associated with this session.

  2. The client ask for a lock, if available the server return a LOCKED message. If the lock is already taken the server return a WAIT message. The call is not blocking.

  3. When the lock is released the server send a RETRY message with the lockname to all the clients that were waiting for it. They can ask again for the lock.

  4. The client can close the session, releasing all its locks.

There is also a mlock and munlock operations to ask for multiple locks in an atomic way.

The system use websocket between browser and the server, the bi-directional channel stay open during the session.

The system support multiple servers.

The websocket is hanlded by Atmosphere and persistence and communication between servers using Redis.

Lock sequence

The lock sequence

Websocket protocol

Request and response are JSON encoded:

  • Request:

      {'action': String, 'params': String[], 'time': stamp}
  • Response:

      {'status': String, 'message': String, 'time': stamp}

Implemented action:

  • connect sessionName
  • close
  • lock [lockname]
  • unlock lockname
  • mlock [lockname...]
  • munlock [lockname...]


  • FAIL
  • WAIT
  • RETRY lockname


  1. Get the latest tomcat 7.

  2. Build:

      mvn clean package
  3. Deploy:

      cp ./target/distlock.war $TOMCAT/webapps/ && $TOMCAT/bin/startup.sh
  4. Test using http://localhost:8080/distlock/

Load testing

This requires to install:

Test with 10 clients:

    cd ftest/funkload && fl-run-bench test_Distlock.py Distlock.test_distlock -c 10


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