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About the Nuxeo Configuration Service

This service enable to define apache common configuration sources.

Supported configuration types are:

  • system: for OS environment variables.
  • properties: for Java properties file.
  • database: for a database backend.

The database configuration expects a jdbc datasource named:


Testing with different database

It follows the same procedure than VCS:

  1. Setup the env

    source ~/bin/

  2. Setup the database from nuxeo root src:

    mvn initialize -Pcustomdb,pgsql -N

  3. Run test in the module

    mvn test -Pcustomdb,pgsql

In eclipse use Run properties VM arguments using same values than in ~/ :

-Dnuxeo.test.vcs.server=localhost  \
-Dnuxeo.test.vcs.db=PostgreSQL -Dnuxeo.test.vcs.port=5432 \
-Dnuxeo.test.vcs.database=XXX -Dnuxeo.test.vcs.user=XXX \