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any plan to support code highlight ?? right now , only convert #+begin_src ruby to pre with class="src"

wallyqs commented Dec 30, 2011

Maybe this could be possible by using something like Pygments like jekyll does, though this would introduce a dependency of Python. I will look into working something out in a branch.


yes , I'm came from Jekyll

by default , org-ruby ignored the lang define in org-mode file like my comment before, but maybe it's better if org-ruby can process the #+begin_src ruby to <pre class="ruby"> instead of <pre class="src"> woud be better then the Jekyll can precess them to hightlighted

wallyqs commented Feb 14, 2012

I added this to my branch, now it inserts of code tags to #BEGIN_SRC code blocks in a similar fashion that Jekyll does with its {highlight} tag. So at least now Javascript based syntax-highlighting solutions should be easy to implement.


I think I will I give it a try to CodeRay to support code syntax highlighting out of the box, since CodeRay is also pure ruby like org-ruby.


good work! wallyqs

@eggcaker eggcaker closed this Feb 14, 2012
wallyqs commented Feb 26, 2012

I added code syntax highlighting with CodeRay here:

Hope this helps!

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