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A v11 Discord.JS music bot in 100 lines or less
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A v10 Discord.JS music bot in 100 lines or less

Installation (Windows)

This section is for running the bot locally on Windows. If you're on Mac it should be similar. I'll assume Linux users can figure it out.

Download Node.js

Node.js is what will be used to run the bot. Download Node.js 6.X from the website.

Install Node.js

Open the Node.js Setup. In the options, make sure Node.js runtime npm package manager and Add to PATH are enabled. After that install Node.js.

Install Windows-Build-Tools

Open up a windows powershell and run npm i -g windows-build-tools. This will take a while as it will download and install both python 2.7 and c++ build tools, so you can run node-gyp builds.

Download Git

And install it. The website is and make sure you choose "for command prompt".

Download FFMPEG

Download FFMPEG from this website. Make sure to find the current Static Build for your OS Architecture (32bit/64bit).

Install & Configure FFMPEG

Extract the files to the root of your harddrive, and rename the folder to ffmpeg.

Then add FFMPEG to your Path variable:

  1. windows key + x
  2. go to system
  3. on the left Advanced system settings
  4. Environment Variables
  5. under System variables find the variable Path hit edit
  • Depending on your version of windows you may have a list of entries or a semicolon sperated field of entries.

If Windows 10:

  1. Hit the new button on the right
  2. add c:\ffmpeg\bin

If older versions of Windows:

  1. add ;c:\ffmpeg\bin to the end of the field.

Download and Install OhGodMusicBot

Next you'll need to download the bot and configure it. Download the master branch and put the unzipped files in a new folder on your computer. Next rename .json.example to .json and enter the correct information. Note: You will have to remove any and all comments from the .json.example file, as they are not supported in json. They are there to guide you as you decide how you want to configure your bot

For obtaining a Discord Bot token, please see this page.

Before running the bot you need to install the dependencies. In the folder you put the files in, Shift+Right click and select open command window here. In the command prompt type npm install.

The bot should now be ready! Open a command prompt like above and type npm start to start the bot and see if it works.

Install dependencies


Shift-RightClick in the folder that you downloaded and select Open command window here. Then type npm install and hit Enter.


cd to where you cloned the GitHub repo and type npm install. This will take a while.

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